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Hi! I just started to knit the back yoke of Ingrid sweater (size: S), i have completed the short rows, but before moving forward with the next 10 rows back and forth on double moss stitches, I’d like to make sure that i have the right number of total stitches, i casted on with 112 sts, and now have 99 :cold_sweat:… something doesn’t feel right but i can’t tell why… Can anyone who has the pattern help me out, please?
Thank you!

Welcome to KH!
You can quote a couple of lines of the pattern if you think it will help. Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to designer copyright.
Short rows won’t decrease the number of sts so you’re right that there something off here. What technique are you using for the short rows, wrap & turn, German short rows, yarn over short rows or something else?

It may also help if you give us a link to the online pattern page and tell us the designer name. Ingrid seems to be a very popular pattern name.

Thank you so much for your reply! It’s “Ingrid sweater” of Petiteknit.
here’s the link of the pattern page with some video tutorials:

The pattern said the first section of the back yoke is worked back and forth in double moss stitches and short rows are worked to shape the back yoke.
After i’ve casted on (112), i broke the yarn, slipped 40 sts from the left to the right needle and then join new yarn and purl 32 sts until 40 are left on the needle, then turn, and started to work back and forth as indicated in the “start” and “german short row” videos:
“german short row”
But then it came out with 99 stitches… :roll_eyes:

I’m wondering if the problem is in resolving the double stitch that you make when you turn in German short rows (see 2:10min in the second video). The double stitch is knit together as a single stitch which in fact, it is. It’s just pulled out of shape. Is it possible that you’re knitting two other sts together instead of the double stitch and that is causing the decrease?
It may help if you can post a photo of your work when you come to the double stitch.
The videos seem very nice and clear. I would take a small swatch and try out a couple of turns using German short rows while watching one of the videos. Mark the double stitch with a marker to make it’s location clear. See if you can correct a possible mistake and end with the same number of sts that you began with.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out for me, really appreciate that. I was thinking the same (about the double stitches), i will try to see if i can “trace back” to the problem, if not i will do it all over again. Will let you know once i get it solved!
and yes i will definitely mark the double stitch with a marker this time!!

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Good morning! I guess I’ve found out the problem: I do english knitting, and i did not watch carefully enough the video tutorial when she demostrated in continental style, when it’s time to purl after “turn”, I did not put the yarn in front. And I should have thought about that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyways, now the number is right!
Thank you again for your help, have a lovely day!

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So glad you found the solution! Enjoy working this sweater and post a photo please so we can see your finished

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