Ingrid, I need Help

On the tiger eye scarf, on row 2, it says yarn over 4 times. Is that wrap the yarn around the needle 4 times, or yo, knit 1 4 times

Is it this one?

The chart looks like yo, 4 times.

If that’s not the one, could you post a link to the pattern, or write out a coupla lines…?


A yarn over is an action all on its own. It is not combined with a K1, unless that happens to be the next instruction. If it says yo, 4 times you will do 4 yarn over in a row without any knit stitches added.

Yes, you knit the one stith, bring the yarn over to the front 3 times and create the 4th yo as you knit the stitch afterwards with the yarn held in front.

On the next row, do not take your eyes off those stitches as you work them. They do not look ‘normal’ when they come off the needle, but as long as you really watch what where you pull the yarn through, and only let the yo from that stitch drop off, you’re fine. I found that this row was the only one that really needed my attention.