INGRID, help! Combined knitting for ribbing

So I tried the combined knitting to improve my ribbing, but it turned out worse? I am doing a 1x1 rib, so that means that on row 1, I wrap the purl the wrong way. On row two, I knit into the back of the twisted knit stitches and I wrap the purls the wrong way? So I am wrapping the purls the wrong way on all the rows, yes? Because my ribbing doesn’t look any tighter? In fact, it looks worse. So I think I am doing something wrong.

BTW I am knitting on straights, I am not working in the round. When I read about this technique it talked about doing it with 2x2 ribbing, so maybe it doesn’t work with 1x1?


I think that combined is only supposed to make the ribbing faster, not necessarily tighter. If I felt my ribbing was too loose, I’d go down a needle size or two.

It could also be that your tension is different with combined, that would make sense, too.

Here is where I am getting all my crazy ideas from. I am working on a project and I can’t stop to fuss with this now. But I am going to sit down one afternoon and swatch some ribbing a couple different ways to test this out for myself. I am still confused (as I am often am) but I rarely stop to think about it. :teehee:

Annie Modesitt is a combo knitter and says that your ribbing is sometimes faster because of the way that you purl. and perhaps tighter because the purling makes the purl st the same size as the knit st.
Combo knitting is done flat because when we knit Stockinette flat we knit into the previous purl sts and whatnot.
I tried it, too, and found that I was slower as I knitted, I guess because I was getting used to a new way of knitting. My ribbing looked about the same, too. I’m sticking with my tried and true conti knitting :wink:

Yeah, I’m a conti knitter too. Except I don’t pluck on the knit stitch, I throw with the left hand.

Nona doesn’t knit the entire ribbing combined, just the one purl stitch right after a knit stitch - She uses it to tighten up that particular knit stitch which sits right next to a purl stitch. Yes, the combined purl stitch is twisted which is why when you encounter it going back the next way, when it will be facing you as a knit stitch, you knit it through the back loop so that it sits properly and then you purl the stitch immediately after that in the combined way to tighten up the knit stitch you just made.

I realize that. But I am doing a 1x1 rib stitch. Which means every purl stitch follows a knit stitch. That is why I was asking if anyone had tried this method on the 1x1.

I am new to this forum but I have always knitted what is called “combined” method. It should work fine for k p ribbing without stitches twisting. But I don’t understand why you are wrapping when you purl. I just go through the front of the stitch and hold your yarn in front of the left hand needle and pull it through with your right hand needle. use your left index finger finger for tension. As for knit stitches go through the back loop and pick up the yarn with the right needle.

Maybe I don’t understand your quesion.

I haven’t responded until I saw my name because I really don’t know anything about combined knitting except the mere basics. I rib with no special techniques, and it comes out ok, so I haven’t felt the need to pursure a better way. :shrug: I’m sorry I can’t be more help. :doh:

Well I appreciate your responding! :muah:

Maybe I am just looking for something I don’t need. I never really had much complaint about my ribbing, until I read another post and I thought, hey, I’ll try anything that is supposed to make my knitting look better. I think I’ll wait till I need a 2x2 and see then.