Ingrid has over 1000 posts...did I miss the congrats?

Yay Ingrid :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You are now part of the exclusive over 1000 club! I don’t know if someone already posted this, but congratulations anyway. All your pattern help is really wonderful and you are so patient!


:shock: Really? I never look at that! Wow. I need to get some housework done. This is more fun, though! Thanks for noticing! :happydance:

Housework??? We don’t need no stinkin’ housework!

Amazing how quickly the time here adds up.

YAH INGRID!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I love your posts - they’re SO helpful and funny :happydance: :happydance:


:oops: Thanks. When do I get my prize? I hope it’s something really, really special. I can’t wait!! :lol:

Thanks, Ingrid, for all you add to our little community! :heart:

Well, we keep threatning to do this anyway…so here is your prize

:waving: :shifty: Gee, I hate making speeches. I’d like to thank the academy, I mean the forum, and all the folks I’ve “met” here. It’s been a blast, and sniff I hope to be able to enjoy my second 1000 as much as my first. :inlove: to all. Walks off the stage with a very tall woman, clutching golden needles to chest. Ouch!

[color=blue] :cheering: lol thanks for the visual and CONGRATULATIONS! (the audience is on it’s feet cheering!) :cheering: [/color]

[size=2]many members of the KH forum stand and applaud wildly[/size]

I had more people to thank, but they started playing that d*&med music! I’ll mention them tomorrow on Today Show. I’m sure they’ll be calling any minute now. "Hello, Katie?. . . . . "

Congratulations Ingrid…You have been a very faithful servant to and we all appreciate your help and wise advice…Cheers to you :cheering:


YAY! Congrats! :cheering:

1000 posts in 2 months! Now that has got to be some sort of record! I think that may deserve some platinum needles! :cheering: Yay Ingrid!

I know…and she doesn’t even have a blog thread!!! At least, not that I’ve found. :oops:

Either that or counseling! :rollseyes:


You’re good! :smiley:

or maybe I just have too much free time…

I’m the one with all the posts!! And at this rate I’ll be up to 2000 in no time! :rollseyes: