Information we all need

A friend of mine sent this:

If you already know…great-if not…not so great. Please pass it on

Thanks for this. I had heard of it but not ever thought to look at pictures of what it looks like. I’ve done that now and realise how easy it would be to miss it. In the extreme cases and possibly later stages, yes you’d notice something but one pic just showed a tiny rash under the breast that didn’t look like much except the heat rash some women of larger boobage get under there (or rub rash from bra).

Interesting to look and learn about it. Thanks again for the link.

I think I’ve heard of that before, but had never given in much thought – and definitely would not have know the warning signs to look for! Thanks for the link!

:shock: Thanks for the info! I didn’t know.

Ty for this! I didn’t know about it either and am passing it on to every woman I can.

I didn’t know ANYTHING about this. I’m not a woman, but I’m going to tell everyone I know so that they can tell everyone that they know. This is too scary NOT to know about!!

I’ve never heard of this–and 1 in 8 women is way TOO MUCH!!! I have known of some women who got breast cancer and died so soon–but I didn’t know it had a name! Thanks!! :frowning: