Info re Lion Chenille yarn needed

[B][SIZE=3]I was wondering if anyone ever heard of, or bought, Lion Brand Chenille yarn in 1.4 oz, 40 gram, skiens. The lengh is 87 yards.[/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=3]I know normally the lengh of this yarn is 75 yards or 100 yards, depending on if it’s a solid color or not, but I’ve never heard of 87 yards.[/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=3]The reason I ask is because I bought some from an Ebay auction and was wondering.[/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=3]THANK YOU for any information regarding this,[/SIZE][/B]

I’ve seen all kinds of variations in yardage. Either because it was originally measured in meters and then converted to yards or because it is truly based on weight and 50g of that yarn at that thickness (or fiber content) measured out at some odd amount. My dd made a scarf with that yarn last year and I found the label and it does say 87yards. Most yarns are sold in 50g lots (so 50g, 100g, 150g, etc.) Although the Bernat Bamboo is 60g, but industry standard is 50g. (Not that the industry sticks to it or anything :slight_smile: )

Thanks, I did email the company and they told me that yes, they did do it like that, but it has been discontinued for some time.
The thing is, I just purchased 44 skiens of Chenille Lion Brand yarn off Ebay for only $29. I think this is a good price, because when I priced them, they were at least $5 per skien. So, 44 skiens would cost alot more than $29 if I bought it from the store. I was just suspicous of the yardage, but my mind is at rest now that the company okayed it.
THANK YOU for your reply,

Hi Suziblues,

You may already know this, but the Lion Chenille and Chenille Sensations yarns are very different from Lion Brand’s Chenille Thick and Quick yarn. The Thick and Quick is a larger gauge and is much softer and thicker than the other two yarns. The Lion Chenille and the Chenille Sensations are recommended for crochet but not for knitting.

I learned this after buying some Lion Chenille on impulse because I loved the colorway (it was called Amsterdam). I haven’t used mine yet, and I’ve been trying to decide whether to ignore the recommendation and knit with it or start working on my crochet skills!

My apologies if you’re already aware of the difference in the yarns – I’d just really hate for you to end up with 44 skeins of something you weren’t expecting!!

Happy knitting! :knitting:

I had 11 skein of the chenille sensations that I bought on a clearance sale a long time ago. Loved the multicolored blue blend so I tried to knit a tank top for myself and gave up about 1/3 thru the front - it is not recommended for knitting. What happened to me is that it “wormed” a term I never heard about before checking the forums, it twisted back up onto itself as I knitted w/i 30 st I would have these little “knots” but they weren’t really knots, then if I continued to knit this why it would loosen up latter leaving a larger st, that looked like a hole in the material. I had to untwist by holding up the material and letting the skein unwind under the project -it got to be very frustrating and time consuming to do this every row. It did crochet up beautifully, however I tried a crocheted top and the pattern just didn’t work out, now I am just stuck with a mess. I think it would be great for scarfs, (but don’t know anyone who wants a scarf) or maybe an lightweight afghan (which I may unravel the top and try) however I need another color and similar type of yarn to have enough to make an afghan - for now I am putting it aside. Hope this helps avoid any frustrations for you.


Thanks for your information; I’m sorry this happened to you! My LB Chenille has ended up on the bottom of my stash where it will probably stay for a while. I do have some hairpin lace looms (although I haven’t gotten around to learning how to use them) so maybe one day I’ll try using the chenille for hairpin lace.

Thank you for all the good advice. When I got the yarn it was really pretty, all dark blues and purples, and I used it to make a hat, scarfe and purse doubled with some sari silk yarn because the two yarn’s matched color’s so well together.
I guess the purse, hat and scarf turned out okay. I especailly like the purse. The chenille yarn gave it a lot of softness.