Info on Yarn Bee yarn

I bought the yarn for a sweater from Hobby lobby…it’s Yarn Bee and it says its “wpi 5” or “Bulky”. The patterns I find in “bulky” are all wpi 7-9. Is this going to make a huge difference in my finished product? The yarn suggests a US 10 needle. I’ve done a swatch and it looks beautiful on the size 10 needles…but when I go to look at patterns they call for a higher wpi number. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Disclaimer: I tend to do as I please and to heck with what a pattern, etc., has to say.

I don’t get wpi. I know what it means but I don’t see it’s pertinence. Different people will wrap the yarn differently and get different numbers. I go by gauge. If your yarn is producing the correct number of sts/inch and you like the result IMO it should be fine.

If someone more knowledgeable disagrees with me, feel free to disregard what I wrote. I’m wearing my steel toe socks today. :yum: