Info on those speed stix...please help!

Okay, so I have only been knitting for a little over a year. I have completed only 2 projects. And, I thought I would try those speed stix, hoping to maybe finish some throws in time for christmas. I first purchased some of the lion brand homespun yarn, following the pattern they have listed on their site. The problem is it is so darn expensive. So, I got some Red Heart super saver, multi-color yarn. I started with 3 strands, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I noticed it looked holey and some of the stitches are loopy. Is this normal? DOes anyone have any patterns for beginners using the speed stix? And, also what is a good, cheap yarn I can use instead of the homespun? I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me.


You might need another strand of yarn, the Homespun knits up a bit thicker than RH would.

Honestly by the time you get enough yarn to make a solid fabric (no holes) the super saver and homespun are going to be very comparable price wise. If I were going to do this I would use the homespun. You can go to AC Moore or Michaels and compare prices on yarns. Look for the bulkiest! They both usually have great sales, so watch out for those and you can get homespun on sale.

and sometimes you can use the coupons at Michaels or JoAnns for the homespun… JoAnns online almost alwyas has some sort of coupon, either free shipping or 50% off one item etc.

Hobby Lobby has 40% off coupons almost every week, This week, they’re having a sale on Red Heart yarns, btw.

I think the problem is more the understanding of the cost of a large object rather than the actual cost. Something that big, using that much yarn is going to cost more. I knit a throw on those speed stix and I paid about $100 on the yarn. I didn’t buy the Homespun, I actually bought something a little more expensive. It’s totally okay to use something less expensive, but it’s still going to be pricier than your average scarf or whatever. I am currently knitting an afghan made from Manos Del Uruguay which is about $16 per skein here. The afghan has 12 squares…one skein each. This is quite expensive, but it’s a gorgeous afghan. I always read “buy the best yarn you can afford”, so that’s what I do. It’s nicer to work with and it produces something that will last a long time and become an heirloom. If you want to knit with less expensive yarn, then go ahead, but you’re still going to be spending a lot of money on a whole bunch of yarn, so why not make it nice?

Speed Stix a size 50 (25mm)… Yes, it will take a lot of thick yarn to make something that isn’t holey or loopy. (But it will knit up fast!)

Thanks to all the replies. I forgot in my first post that I downgraded the size of the needles to a 35, instead of a 50. But, after knitting a few rows, I unraveled it all and decided to go ahead and buy the homespun and start all over. You guys are all right. I would hate to buy the cheaper yarn and the throw not come out as nice. Especially, since I am going to knit it to give as a gift. Not that there is anything wrong with the cheaper yarn, because there isn’t. Just like ya said, by the time I buy enough yarn to equal the thickness of homespun, I might as well bought the real deal in the first place. Plus, I love the colors of it. Hard to find them in other yarns. So, now that I’m going with hoemspun, anybody got any ideas of mixing different ones for an unique pattern? I saw the ones on the lion brand site, but just thought I’d ask if anyone has any others. Thanks again for all the help! :slight_smile:

Mary, I just saw that in today’s (September 23) sale flyer, Michael’s is having a sale on Homespun, 2 for $8.00. You’ll still need lots of yarn to make one of the triple-stranded throws, but hopefully the sale price can help a bit with the expense. Joann’s just had a sale on Homespun so perhaps in the near future Hobby Lobby will put it on sale, too?

takes Michael’s & Hobby Lobby coupons!!!:yay: :blooby:

Yea, I saw that too, Cookworm, thanks a bunch for the info. I followed one of the patterns on LB site, and after knitting a few rows, disliked the colors together. I purchased the wrong color, deco instead cream, went to Michael’s to buy the cream, because hobby lobby did not have it, and after realizing I did not like the colors, thought I would try mixing the cream and deco together (2 of each.) And, it came out pretty good. My nephew likes it, which is who I am knitting it for, so that is what matters to me. I noticed though, that the russet and meadow colors were really tough and stiff, like they had been over dyed. So, I am going to exchange them. But, I will more than likely be heading to Michael’s before the week is through to pick up some more cream. For some reason our Hobby Lobby does not carry it, only Deco and white.
And, Doodknitwit, thanks for the info, I did not know AC Moore takes their coupons, wow! That will help me a bit. I wish Hobby Lobby took Michael’s and vice versa. But, that is great. I’ll have to keep a look out for the ads! Thanks you guys!! :thumbsup: