Infant/Toddler Circular Sock Pattern

I’m a newbie knitter, I just learned my two God Daughters are expecting and would like to learn how to knit infant, toddler/child socks on circular needles.

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Do you want to use a long circular with magic loop?

You can adapt a pattern written for dpns to one long circular or two circular needles if you use markers to keep your place. I like this pattern:
with the addition of an extra knit row before the gusset.

Thank you ever so much for the info :knitting:

This is the first pattern I learned with. It’s very well written and has pictures. .

I also have a recommendation after you got your first pair under your belt. Knit both at the same time…and I don’t mean two at the same time on one needle. When I knit socks I cast on one and knit the toe. Then take another set of needles and cast on the second and do the toe. Then work them alternately. No second sock syndrome! :yay::teehee: (I use magic loop)