Indie dyed yarn - What to knit?

Hello fellow knitters! Hope you’re all great.
I’m a beginner knitter and have discovered indie hand dyed yarn! I absolutely LOVE the bright and pretty colour combinations, but… it’s not cheap for even 1 skein.
So i would really like to know, for those of you that also love and have bought indie hand dyed yarn, how many skeins do you get and what projects do you make with it, especially if you can only afford 1 or 2 skeins at a time?
Surely they’re not just used for socks? What’s the best way to use these great hand dyed yarn and show them off without having to buy 5-6 skeins for a sweater? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and thoughts! Thank you :heart:

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Welcome to the forum!
I have mostly used hand-dyed yarns for hats because that’s my go-to for single skein knits. Have you seen the “One Skein Wonders” series of books? There are some terrific ideas in there for everything from cowls and bags to baby sweaters.
My public library carries the books and yours may too. Have fun thinking about a project for these lovely yarns.


Some knitters have used it very successfully to make a feature yoke on a cardigan, combined with a solid or heathered yarn for the rest of the garment. The Garter Yoke Cardi by Melissa LaBarre has been knitted many times this way.

A quirky option is to do only the sleeves, as in Sock Arms by Stephanie Lotven.

Stripes can be nice too, depending on how your hand-dyed yarn has been dyed.

Another option is a smaller scarf. Martina Behm has some nice smaller scarf patterns that keep all the pretty colour on display near your face. As do hats, as salmonmac mentioned.

Some hand-dyed yarn looks very pretty in garter stitch, or reverse stockinette, so it’s always worth swatching.

And if you make socks, you can add a hard-wearing sock yarn such as Regia or Opal for the toes and heels. (Make sure your hand-dyed sock weight yarn is indeed suitable for sock knitting before launching into this option.)

Have fun!


So much depends on the weight of the yarn. Is your indie yarn sock weight? DK? Worsted? That will change how much you need for a given item. I second the “One-skein Wonder” books, as they have projects for any weight of yarn. Be sure to check your yardage against the pattern!

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Well it depends on the weight of the yarn of course…however hats, gloves, a very small scarf (neckcheif) there’s always the option to do colour work with it. If there’s a larger garment that has a border…a cardigan for example…a contrasting border with indie yarn could work lovely.

If it’s something like mohair or angora, and it’s very fine, it’s lovely held together with another yarn to add a halo or even add something different to the colour of the item. There’s also neck ties.

Again like garments, it could be worked into scarves and shawls.

For me personally the best way to show them off is by using a very simple stitch. That way you see the colours and not the stitches.