I am totally stumped. I have a hank of Sea Silk yarn (for yarn color, select “Topaz” that’s the one I bought)

and I have no idea what to make with it! It can’t be anything huge since I wouldn’t have enough yarn so I was thinking of a hat and gloves, or scarf or something, but, the yarn is so fine and soft, I want it to be something really special…sophisticated and elegant, yet just quirky enough for my tastes…lol…I’m at a total loss. I’ve looked through Rav, Knitty, all my Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Knit1 mags, all my knitting pattern books (SnB, SnB Nation, Domiknitrix, Naughty Needles, Anti-Craft, Punk Knits) and I STILL haven’t found anything “just right”. Even if I were to try to create my own pattern, I still have no idea what I’d make with it…lol…I was thinking about this: (the hat, not the elephant :teehee:) but each time I go back to it, I really don’t know if that’s what I want to make with it.

So, anyone have any suggestions?? What would you make if you had this yarn, or, think I should make with this yarn. It’s definitely going to be something for me since I used my LYS gift certificates for all my new yarn…lol…after 3 years of knitting for others, I’m gonna be stingy with my really good yarn :teehee:

Thanks in advance!

ETA: I love, love, love retro styles! But, I’ve also gone through vintage patterns and haven’t had anything jump out at me yet…grrr

Cool hat! That looks like really beautiful yarn. I’m sure anything you use it for is going to be gorgeous; it has over 400 yards; I’m not sure if you would have enough for a hat, scarf, and gloves, but it would be very cool if you did!

[SIZE=“3”][SIZE=“2”](I’m not much help since all my yarn has to be left in a corner, turned and rotated several times a day and petted until it is ready to announce what I shall make it into…!):psst:

Yeah, I don’t think it would be enough for all of those, I was thinking hat and gloves, or a scarf, but, I just don’t know! :wall: All I know is I want it to be something really, really nice…lol

Wowser, what beautiful yarn!!!

Hi! :waving:

The thing that came to mind for me when I saw the yarn was those fingerless gloves - is that what they’re called? I’ve seen them in several patterns that are very avant guarde. And since you’ve got 100 g of yarn you could probably make them longer to come up further on your arm, like what they call “opera” length.

Then you’d have something more exotic that you could wear as a fashion accessory, not necessarily for warmth!

Whatever you make with it, let us know! Good luck and happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

What about fingerless gloves? I have these favorited on Ravelry. You would, of course, have to alter the stitch count for the first one.

What I usually do when I have a beautiful yarn and I’m not sure that I have enough is to . . . . buy more.:shifty:

LOL, Ingrid! I sure wish I could…I bought it only because I had a gift certificate, it was $35.00. I have absolutely no idea when I’ll ever be able to afford $35 for a hank of yarn out of pocket :teehee:

Thanks, Ruthie and Campbell! I really like the fingerless glove/arm warmer idea and the patterns linked are gorgeous! Will add them to my Rav queue along with my other possibilities! lol

I think I would go with something nice and lacy. A lovely wide scarf that you could also wrap over your head and around your shoulder maybe with a few beads. I love that yarn and colour. Wish I could afford to pay $35 for a hank of yarn. Maybe I will have to make a wish list and post it on DH computer so he will notice.

I think this scarfwould be lovely. And you’d have enough left over to make some fingerless gloves or wrist warmers.

Me too! :teehee: This year for x-mas, I asked everyone (well, everyone who wanted gift ideas from me…lol) for gift certificates to my LYS and made out with $110. I only bought one hank because it was so expensive and I wanted to buy other yarns as well but I was afraid this would happen…lol…Wouldn’t know just what to make out of it…But, I had to have it! I knew I’d never (or at least any time in the near future) have $35 to just blow on yarn :teehee:


How 'bout a mobius scarf? or a “wimple”~very pretty and romantic and retro, all at once :slight_smile:

here’s the one I was looking for! (below)

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Demonica - I also like working textiles. What I do is go on google images and type in what type of styles/things you are interested in (e.g. ‘punk’, ‘clothing’, ‘decorations’ etc). Save the pictures you like somewhere and just keep building them up. Try to forget about the particular yarn to use. Just find a way to incorporate some/all the things you like into 1 or more items. Then refine your ideas. Some how the perfect item will pop into your mind and you will just grab your gear and knit until smoke is seen from your knitting needles!

All hail Google!
~Phoenix~ [/COLOR][/I][/B][/FONT]

You have to think of it this way–you didn’t spend any money for the first one, and if you buy a $35 hank, then it’s really only $17.50. $17.50 isn’t bad for a 400 yard hank of lovely yarn.
Right? Right?:rofl:

:teehee: Indeed!

UGH! I DIE!!! I have been wanting to try the sea silk for sooooo long! So happy for you that you are getting the chance! I totally agree with Karina - make a fabulous scarf that you could wrap yourself in.
I’d BATHE in it if I had the chance!

Hi, Jax! :waving:

These pattern links you sent for the cowls are GORGEOUS!

Demonica, this might be the very thing!!!

Let us know…

Ruthie :knitting:

I agree with Jax and Ruthie…These are beautiful. I especially love the ice queen pattern.:heart: :heart:

I’m actually having the same issue trying to find a pattern for some yarn my husband bought for me in Vermont. I don’t know how special it really is. But to me it means a lot, because he thought of me while he was on a business trip.:aww: I figure something out, if not I will ask for all you KHers for your thoughts.

Good luck to you Dominica. Please let us know what you deide and post pics.

I’m definitely considering the “Ice Queen” and also a shrug/capelet. I found some shrug and capelet patterns I really like as well!

This one in particular:

and also:

I’m definitely leaning towards the cowl, shrug, or capelet idea though…

Thank you everyone for the suggestions and ideas!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: [SIZE=1]me too:oops: :oops: [/SIZE]

I think you should make a scarf, a simple lace patterned scarf that you can wear with a blazer or a top (or a coat). A hat and/or gloves wouldn’t get enough “wear time” for such lovely yarn! I also see a calorimetry…

I bought some yarn online because it was pretty and on closeout and didn’t know what to make. I decided on this. I’m doing it all in one yarn instead of 2 as used in the pattern.
I think the seasilk would make a beautiful stole.