I like patterns that tell me exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc. I’m dealing with my first pattern that leaves some of that up to me, I guess.

I have 88 stitches on my circular needles. In the next round, I need to increase 132 stitches evenly for a total of 220 stitches when I finish the round.

How would you divide that up, and what increase would you use? I’ve been working in garter stitch for 8 rows. This is the last garter stitch row, and then I start a cable pattern.

Oh shoot. I posted this in the wrong section! This was meant to go in the “how to” section! Sorry!

This site is great for increasing evenly.

You can kfb or do m1’s across the row. Kfb would be easier, and when you go from the garter to the pattern stitches, the little bar in the kfb will hardly be noticeable.

Thanks, Ingrid.