Increasing w/ new ball of yarn

I started a new ball of yarn and the first stitch is an increase. i"m ending up with a hole that looks like a dropped stitch. What am I doing wrong.

Do the increase with both strands of yarn held together, the end of the old and the beginning of the new. That will overlap the yarns and the double thickness won’t show in the finidhed project. Or you could take out a few sts from the last row (or last worked sts) and overlap the yarn there rather than at the increase.

It would help if you’d tell us what you’re making and give a link to the pattern if possible. Or the name of the pattern.

Increases on the edge are awkward anyway and sometimes loose, but changing yarns makes it worse. If possible I’d change yarns in a different place (depends on pattern though). Or at least increase a few stitches in instead of on the edge.