Increasing stitches in the round

ok here goes a probably daft question

just learnt the absolute basics tonight, i am trying to make a blanket in the round.

i triend to figer it out but its not quite worked so far lol. so far it looks like a didy baby hat hehe.

how do i do it please?



What pattern are you using?

first off !! Are you using a pattern ?? And if so are you reading each row then working it ???
Next :: you say you just learnt the basics ?? Can you read a pattern ?? Are you understanding the pattern when read ??

Cause the pattern will explain itself as to INCREASES so that it will lay flat for you.
But if you decided to try the Round without a basic pattern to go by then you need to INCREASE ever so often every row … to keep it flat.
Example :
Chain 4 : join chain 1
round (RND) 1 : 7 single crochets in circle. join chain 1
RND 2 : 2 sc around in each single crochet of round 1. join chain 1
RND 3 : 2 sc in first sc - 1 sc in next sc … repeat around to start of round, join ch 1 …
RND 4 : 2 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 2 sc - 1 sc -1 sc around join ch 1
RND 5 : 2 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 2 sc -1 sc - 1 sc around join. ch 1
Rnd 6 : 2 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 2 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc arnd. join ch 1
rnd 7 : 2 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc - 1 sc 2 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc arnd. join ch 1

this makes a hexagon coaster as is … or you can continue the increases to make a larger item, like a hotpad …
but you see how the 2 every time will keep it flat.
hope this helps …


i’m not using a pattern, i googled a few easy patterns and the looked imposible to read to me so i thought i’d just go it alone. usually if i play around i get the hang of things. my mum showed me over a year ago how to do the first chain, but couldn’t remember how to make the second; i have kind of guessed how to do that. it looks ok just not flat!

ok, so please correct me as i know what i think i get is possibly very wrong. every so often in 1 round increase a sc by doing a normal sc then doing 1 again into the same sc? does that make sence :teehee:

i will give that ago today and see what happens. you will know when i’m back on here tonight saying help i’ve not got it :aww:

thanks for the info i can’t wait to have a go now


yes you will increase in the round by putting 2 single crochets into the same place … every so often to keep it flat on the same round …
and you always do increases this way on every round to keep it flat …

The way that I posted above will give like a hexagon affect … if you want it round - round, no corners like look … just make sure to do 2 sc into one spot but do NOT increase on the next round at the increase on the round before … OK???

for example :
Rnd 1 : 7 sc in ring. join chain 1 … ok
rnd 2 : 2 sc in each single crochet of round 1 … join chain 1
rnd 3 : 2 sc … 1 sc 1 sc 2 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1sc 2 sc around … join chain 1
rnd 4 : 1 sc 1 sc 2 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc 2 sc around … join chain 1
rnd 5 : 1 sc 2 sc 1sc 1 sc 2 sc 1 sc 1sc 1sc 2 sc around join chain 1
rnd 6 : 2 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1 sc 1sc 1 sc 2sc 1 sc 1 sc around join chain 1

in other words … you are going to be trying to keep it round with NO visible points in it.
if it starts to feel squared or bowled … rip it out to where it feels like it started and put 2 sc 1 sc 2 sc and then go on with throwing 2 sc in every so often …
hope this helps

hi there

yes i did get it right i think yey :woohoo: . i started again this morning, did about 3 inches round, left it on the sofa as my son wanted a drink, the flipping cat decided that was a great toy to kill and destroyed it. it took me 5 hours of searching to find the hook :roflhard: , just as well i love the kitten so much or he’d have been in the freezer hehe.

i am starting again either tonight or tomorrow depends how tired i am as i stayed up really late trying to get it hehe.

i will keep plodding on, if it looks ish ok at the end i’ll post a piccy, if it dosen’t i still will try to so hopefully i can be shown where i’ve gone wrong

thank you so much i am loving it


wonderful … that is great that ya got it … tooo bad the cat had to undo it all … hmmmm good thing your a cat lover for sure … lololol
I fully understand … its a good thing I only threaten things myself … or would end up with a dog in the freezer … especially since anything sat on the floor she thinks she an play with… hmmmmm but my cat sometimes will do the same thing… lolol
glad you catching on … lol

hope i am a cat lover as i have 14 cats lol.

i have re started it tonight, i did it with 4 ply yarn, not sure if thats any good to learn on but it was terrible. it enede up the tension was totally off, far far to tight

not sure if i’m using the best yarn though. i’m using 4 ply so ,not so sure its the best thing to mearn on. it was kinda hard to get the 2nd round going properly. i think i increased ch every few ch’s. did i do it to much?

i ripped it out as i just hated it. it didn’t go wase, i have 6 6 week old kittens taht think its great fun hehe


I think you are very brave and very clever to go it alone. :slight_smile: I would never be able to do that. Welcome to the world of crochet!!

My first answer to your question would have been to check out or buy the book “Stitch N’ Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker”. I learned to crochet many many many years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I got back into it. I checked out this book and taught myself from that. It has lots of easy to read instructions and pictures as well as some pretty neat patterns for beginners. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I guess you are a cat lover … lololol I don’t think I could deal with that many cats at one time… bad enough having a cat and dog… lol

yes using 4 ply yarn is actually what I used in the patt I wrote for you. use a lite colored yarn so you can see your stitches easier, ok.

If you can find it : I TAUGHT MYSELF CROCHET is a very good book to have on hand, as it walks you thru the stitches and the pictures are very clear to show you how to with the stitches.
When the tension is getting tooo tight use a larger hook.
infact it possibly would have been easier had you made a few samples in a square to practice with.
If your a beginner beginner I really don’t recommend doing round items until you feel comfortable with making all the stitches.
For beginner crocheters I always recommend learning a stitch by doing a few coasters … doing 2 of each of the stitches, then go from there. this will help you learn the stitches and practice the tension also.
if its too tight then use a larger hook; if its tooo loose then use a smaller hook.
hope this helps some.