Increasing or decreasing x number of stitches evenly across a row

Here is a link that I use frequently when I need to evenly increase or decrease stitches across a row I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me


That’s the one I use!!! Great help for increasing!


When increasing is called for when doing a ribbed bottom of sweater does it matter which way I do it or can I do it whatever way is easier for me

Is the increasing supposed to be inside the ribbing or after the ribbing is done???

The increase is inside the ribbing

Hi again!

Are you asking about how to do the increases or how to spread them out evenly?


Hi just need to know if I should do the m1 or knit into the front and back when increasing a rib stitch across evenly

Hi I’m raglan shaping and it asks me to cast of 3stitches at the beginning of my next row The first one is a knit and the next two are purl so do I cast them all off knit wise or how do I do it? Please and thanks in advance

I’m making a fisherman knit cardigan and I’m working on the left front I’m at the raglan shaping part and my question is when I decrease and follow the pattern what happens when I get to a cable stitch like C4B and don’t have enough stitches to complete it to continue pattern on the edges Also when you see a K2.Sl1K.K1. Paso Do I slip stitch knitwise