Increasing on the ribbing

Hi everyone. I’m working on a sweater. I’m just finishing the ribbing part and am getting ready to start the main body of the sweater. the directions tell me to increase 8 stitches evenly on the last row of the ribbing. The ribbing is a p1, k1. How do I increase and still maintain the ribbing? Also, should I increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch? Thanks for any and all advice.



In this situation I like to use a simple backward loop increase. You just make a loop with the yarn so that it makes like a cursive “e”, and then put the right hand needle through the middle of the “e”. This doesn’t interfere with the rib pattern; k, p, k, backward loop, p. It won’t be noticed later.

If you want a different one I’d use one of the M1 increases that Amy shows in the video section (she shows the backwards loop as well). Lifting the strand between the stitches onto the left hand needle. If you lift it from the front, knit it in back and if you lift it from behind, knit it in front. You want that twist so it closes any hole. This increase will not interfere with the rib pattern either. k, p, k, p, M1, k.

If you were continuing the ribbing these increases would mess up the ribbing, but you don’t rib anymore after this so it works.

I would not use a kfb increase, but it would not be the end of the world to do so. Nothing used at this juncture will be very noticeable. If you use it just do it on a knit stitch and purl the next stitch.

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