Increasing in the 3rd row

Good Morning all! New knitter on her second project here. I am making a Wrap. The directions say to cast on 90 stitches and then in the 3rd row increase to 111 evenly across. Should I do yarn overs to make those increases or is there another way to do them. The pattern starts in the next row with purling and yos and p2togtbls. I am doing something wrong because the result is not a pretty sight!..anyhelp would be much appreciated!Thanks

Well I increase by either, knitting through the fron of the stitch and then knitting through the back, or by picking up the thread in between two stiches (I prefer this way). I wouldn’t advise doing yarn overs to increase because it makes hole, unless that is what you want!
As to purling with yarn overs, just do what you would do for knit yarn overs in reverse. Take the yarn to the back of the work then bring it forwar over the kneedle to purl the next stitch! Don’t worry, I found that confusing when I started.
Purling two together through the backs of the loops isn’t that hard you simply put your right needle behind the left, insert the needle through the two stitches, put the yarn round the needle and bring the needle back through as you would for a normal purl stitch.
Good luck with the project! :thumbsup: It sounds quite complicated for a second knit, mind you I can’t talk I knitted a bag as my first project!
Hope that helps! :lol: Happy knitting! :XX:

There are a bunch of videos by Amy on increasing and decreasing on this site. I highly recommend watching them all! The increasing ones can be found Here I have found these instructional videos to be extremely helpful in showing the different types of techniques and the results of each.

Also make sure you add the extra 21 stitches evenly across the entire row… roughly one increase every 4 stitches should do it I think. If you have some spare yarn / needles, it is worth tryin out some increasing / decreasing methods as a sampler to make sure you are getting the needles in the right place on the work =D

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days increasing, frogging, and increasing. After achieving an acceptable row of increases(thanks for the hints), I am 8 rows into the pattern on my practice yarn! I can’t wait to get started on my Cascade 220 yarn for the real thing!! Thanks again for your help, it is just what I needed!