Increasing in pattern

Making a romper w a pattern and gold to increase two stitches at the beginning of each row. I haven’t increased in pattern without specific instructions and am curious what method I should use. I typically kfb or pfb but I’m worried if I do this for the first two stitches that my pattern will be off.

Any insight? Full pattern available for purchase at

If you have to increase two sts at each side, a backward loop cast on at the beginning of the row would work. A knit or cable cast on would give a firmer edge.
Don’t let the increased sts throw off the pattern stitch. You can think of the increased sts as knit sts and work them into the pattern on the next row. If necessary, count backwards from the last purl bumps to make sure how to work the increased sts.

So if I did a cable cast on of two stitches before starting a row, I would then knit those two stitches THEN begin square one of the pattern?

Thank you!!

Yes, you can do that. Then on the next row that has the little purl bump pattern, incorporate those new sts into the pattern. You always want to make sure that the pattern is maintained and doesn’t shift because of the new sts.

Gotcha! You’ve saved the day yet again! :slight_smile: thank you!!!