Increasing in garter stitch

Okay, I’m making my second baby sweater. I never finished the first one because the seaming messed me up and I got too frustrated. Now I’m making a seamless one, from the hood down, but the directions are for a stockinette stitch and I wanted to do a garter stitch. Everything is fine until I get to the increasing rows. In the picture the increases show as purls on the stockinette, but I can’t get it to look right in garter. I have to do 2 increases next to each other. I’ve tried the Amy’s videos, but they’re all on stockinette, too. My fingers are sore from tyring them out on scrap yarn.
Does anyone have any advice on which increases to use? My cousin’s shower is next weekend, so I want to get it done. Plus I did all the hood in one day and my needles were flying! TIA for quick responses!!

Well, it won’t look exactly like stockinette because it’s in garter. What do the instructions say to do? I’d just do that. Since you say they look like purls, I’m guessing they say to kfb? I’d just do that. Otherwise, a nice double increase is to M1R, k1, M1L.

I can’t figure out how to do the M1R, M1L in the garter pattern.
I tried the kfb but I was increasing on the right side rows, so I purled them instead and it looked really weird…
I thought the M1R, M1L might be best, but how do you do it in garter stitch? :shrug:

You do both the same way you would do it in stockinette. If you are doing it in stockinette on a right side row, you are doing it to knit stitches. If you are doing it in garter (on either side), you are doing it to knit stitches. No need to purl front and back. Just knit front and back; just that stitch will give you that extra bump that looks kinda like a purl. Don’t do anything differently.

Thanks for all your help. I think I was over-thinking this whole thing. I ended up just doing k1fb on the right sides. I have a little hole each time, but I think it looks okay, like it’s supposed to be there, since they’re all in a line. I also got confused with all the “M1” names on the list of increases. I realized I was trying the one below the one you suggested. After watching the video for the one you said, I realize that would probably work better. But now I’ve gone too far to turn back. It looks like the leather hoods kights wore under their helmets (except it’s baby yellow and green!) Thanks again – hopefully it’ll be finished so I can post pics soon!

I increase by M1, and it work fine. It’s an invisible increase, too.