Increasing every stitch for 1 row

Ok, I’ve never increased or decreased in knitting before and I am confused. The pattern I want to make calls for me to increase every stitch for one row.
I have no idea how to do this. I looked up videos on how to increase but how do I increase every stitch?

Any help would be appreciated!!

If it’s a lacy pattern I would probably alternate YO and k1. If it is a solid pattern, probably kfront and back in every stitch.

though, in truth I am a bit eccentric, so I might k,yo,k in a single sitch and alternate that with k1, which would average out the same number of stitches.

Still trying to understand… So say I have 10 sitches on the needle, if I increase every stitch for one row, when I am done should I have 20 all together… is that what that means?

if the instruction is to increase in every stitch, yes, you will double your number of stitches.

If you are actually supposed to increase [U]in[/U] every stitch, you would need to use a knit front back increase. That is about the most basic one anyway. You knit into the stitch like normal, but don’t slip it off the needle. Then you move your right hand (RH) needle tip around behind the left hand needle tip and knit into the back loop of the same stitch. You can do that in every stitch in the row and you will have twice as many as you started with. The videos will have this increase. Just repeat it in each stitch across.