Increasing evenly in the round with 2x2 rib

Where do I put the increases if I cast on 92sts, and then have to k2/p2 ribbing for 2" increasing evenly around row to 110 sts on the last round?

I’m very much a beginner :wink:

Since the next row will start the stockinette, you can just increase evenly across the final row. You don’t have to maintain the rib pattern.

You’ll typically see this done on mittens. You’ll have a rib cuff. When that ends, the next row is stockinette. If there’s decreases, they will start on that first stockinette row.

This is the ribbing on a hat. So, I can just increase evenly on the last row of the ribbing? It doesn’t divide out neatly, is that ok? Or are you saying that I should do the increases in the first row of stockinette after the ribbing is complete?

You can do it on the last round of the ribbing, you just don’t have to worry about keeping the new sts in the rib pattern. You have to inc 18 sts as evenly spaced as you can. That’s about every 5 sts, and it depends on how you inc - k4 kfb, or k5 m1 and repeat that around.