Increasing, decreasing

hello i looked at the increasing and decreasing videos and still dont quite understand the works.

i want to knit a trapezium i.e. the length of the top will be shorter than the length of the bottom. im assuming i need to increase gradually on both the beginning and end of each row, am i right? how do i do this??

The method you use to increase will depend on what stitch you are using. If I’m doing something in garter stitch, I will kfb to increase. If I’m using stockinette, I will use the m1 increase. I find these to be the most invisible for me, and use those unless the pattern specifies otherwise. Amy has videos for both of these here on the website. How often you increase will dpend on how “sharp” of a slope you want. If you want a drastic change {say 45°}, you’d want to increase every row or every other row. For something more gradual, you increase the number of rows worked even in between the increase rows. Clear as mud?

but where do i do the increase? amy’s videos show her doing it somewhere in the middle of a row but i did a search on the forum and for a trapezium somebody mentioned doing increases nearer to the end.

You can increase on the second stitch in–makes for a neater edge if you leave the first and last stitch as it.