Increasing across rounds

Hello! I am a new knitter and I am working on a Patons pattern for mittens. The pattern is worked on double pointed needles and I have worked up the cuff in ribbing. I have reached instructions that I don’t understand. They are:

“Work a further 20 rounds in (K2.P2.) ribbing, inc 2 sts evenly across last rnd.” Then it says “knit 10 rnds”.

I have worked up 19 rounds of ribbing and did not increase, since it seemed that the increase should happen in the 20th round. But what do they mean by increasing evenly across the round? I was tempted to just increase two stitches at the end of the round, but thought that the mature thing to do would be to ask someone experienced. Does anyone know what they mean me to do?

I have another question - the picture of the pattern shows a mitten that is clearly in stockinette. But the pattern, as you can see from what I wrote above, just instructs me to ‘knit 10 rounds’ and shape the thumb, etc, all in knit. Never a mention of a purl row. So if I knit the whole thing as it says, won’t I end up with a garter stitch mitt? Did they mean, by ‘knit’, to knit in stockinette? It doesn’t say that.

I would really appreciate any help anyone has time to spare! THanks,


Increasing evenly in the round means you’ll space those two increases away from each other in your round. You could do one after your first stitch, and one right in the middle…know what I mean? Putting them both at the end of the round increases doubly in that spot, rather than spreading the extra width evenly.

When you’re working in the round, knitting every row is stockinette–in the round, you’d have to knit one row and then purl the next to get garter. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but it’s because you’re not turning your work like you would if you were working flat. Make sense? :slight_smile:

That makes a lot of sense, thank you so much.

I go back to school on Monday and so I am trying to get my knitting in order before I do… (limited time for knitting while in school unfortunately). Your response will help keep me on my schedule!


:slight_smile: Yay!