Increases on a pattern

My pattern asks to increase one stitch and knit 7* to the end. I got mixed up towards the middle of my row and knitted 6 instead of 7. I still have the right number of stitches though (320). Is it best to go back to my mistake and correct the rest of the row or to leave it? Thank you for your time ! Celine

What is the name of your pattern and designer?
It this increase occurs between the ribbing and the stitch pattern in the main body, it may not matter. In some cases designer align the increases with parts of the pattern but not all that often.

Thank you for your answer :blush: the pattern is Lorelei. I have added a picture for you.
The row of increases happens after 6 row of stockinette and is followed by another 10 rows of stockinette after so I think you are right and it won’t affect the design. I hadn’t thought of this though, thank you for pointing this out to me!

Stunning sweater! I love the yoke pattern.

I agree. A single stitch off isn’t goint to be noticeable (no one is going to count sts between increases).

Thank you, It is a nice project indeed :blush:

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Still working on the same pattern, I am trying to understand the next step in my pattern “divide body and sleeves”. If I understand it well, I will have a total of 120 stitches waiting on 2 cables needles which will make the 2 arm holes. Is this correct?
Currently I have 320 stitches on my circular needle and my pattern asks me the following:
At the start of the row, I need to knit 50 stitches and place 60 stitches on a scrap yarn. Then using the back loop method cast on 4 stitches, place a marker and cast on 4 again, knit a 100 stitches, place 60 on scrap yarn, using backward look method, cast on 4, place marker cast on 4, knit to beginning of the round (total of 216 stitches on the needles).
Thank you so very much for your help!

Yes, the 120sts, 60sts on each side will be the sleeves with 8sts cast on each side for the underarms. Sounds like you have it well in hand.

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Thank you so very much for confirming!

I am using a yarn that changes shade as I knit. The reason I am writing this post is that I am knitting on circular needles and I am afraid I will get a sleeve lighter if I knit too much of the darker blue…
Would it be best to cut the yarn and start on the second sleeve? I have done this already while working on the waist and started knitting the first sleeve as I thought the jumper may look better if the colors blend properly. I am attaching a picture for you to see. Thank you for your advice !

I hope I’m understanding the question. You can certainly cut the yarn so that the colors on the sleeves match up. I’ve done this for a yarn that had long stretches of color when I wanted the color change of stripes to happen more quickly.
Your work on the scallop yoke is lovely and so are the blues.

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Your top looks lovely. The colour change from the yoke works really well.

I would cut the yarn and try to estimate how much of each section to knit to maintain the colour change through the body and sleeves.
If I remember correctly an estimate is that body takes 2 thirds of yarn and sleeves 1 third. If you cut the yarn at the end of the colour and weigh it on kitchen scales, divide the weight by 3 and keep 2 thirds in one ball for the body, then divide the last third into 2 balls, one for each sleeve, you will have a rough idea of how much you can work the body before stopping and working each sleeve to make sure the colour lasts the same number of rows.

If I’m wrong about the 2 thirds:1 third ratio I hope salmonmac will correct me.


That’s great, thank you for the information :blush:

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