Increases in rib

I am working in this pattern [ rib 1, inc in next st, (rib 2, inc in next st, rib 3, inc in
next st) 13 times, rib 1. 121 sts.] But i have started with k2 p2 now how to do rib … i am not getting it … plzzzz can u help me

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Often these instructions occur at the transition from the ribbing to the body of the sweater. If that’s so, it really doesn’t matter (in most cases) where you make the increases as long as they are distributed along the row and not clumped in one spot.
Just work the number of sts given and then make an increase in the next stitch whatever that is (a knit front and back, kfb or a pfb will work). It doesn’t matter whether this is in a knit or a purl stitch just keep to approximately the number of sts given between increases.

What pattern are you working? Can you give us a name or link?

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