Increase within a Slip Stitch Rib Pattern

I am working on a sleeve of a sweater with the following instructions:

Pattern Stitch
Row 1: K1, Slip 1 (Purlwise)
Row 2: Purl
Repeat these 2 rows.

Work in pattern, increasing 1 st each side every 5th row.

I am at the fifth row and began to do the following:

K1, Slip 1, Increase (knit in front and back), work pattern till 2nd to last stitch, Increase (knit in front and back) and slip 1.

Of course I have more stitches on the needle but, if I purl the next row and (K1,Slip 1) the following row, my slip-stitch rib pattern will not line up due to the increases. Did I do something wrong? Do I need to adjust the pattern so I knit until I come to a slip and repeat this process till end of row?

Any help will be most appreciated!

Working “in pattern” generally means that you keep the pattern consistent. As you add the increases to your sleeve, you will either knit or slip them to keep the pattern straight. You don’t necessarily need to follow the pattern instruction exactly the same as the first row in order to be “in pattern”. Think of a houndstooth coat, and how some of the “teeth” disappear into the seam. This is basically the same.

I would probably increase in the end stitch and then incorporate it into the pattern on the next row. When you widen a sleeve that has a pattern in it, you have to imagine what would be before the stitch on the end if the pattern was wider, if you know what I mean.

I would kfb in the first stitch on the increase row and do the same in the last stitch of that row. Purl across the next row, and then start with a sl, k on the next row, and end with a sl, k

On the next increase, I’d kfb in the first stitch again, and then k, sl, k on the next right side row.

Thanks nicolethegeek and Ingrid for your help. Tonight I will have a chance to sit and knit. I am looking forward to finishing the sleeves within the week.

Again thanks!