Increase row in ribbing

How do you increase a stitch while maintaining ribbing? I am knitting a sweater all in ribbing (K1, P1).

Pattern states:
(Inc. row) Rib to last two stitches, M1, rib 2. Work even for three rows.

Does this mean that the row following the increase row is going to be P1, K1, P2, K1, P1, K1, etc.?

You would work the st into your ribbing on the next row however it appears. If it’s between 2 knits you purl it, if it’s between 2 purls, you’d knit it.

Thanks for the response but I still don’t understand. I may have not been clear in my question before. I’m kind of new at this.

The M1 is going to cause two stitches to be the same, sitting next to each other and thus disrupt the ribbing pattern. If the stitch before the M1 is a purl, don’t I have to M1 with a knit stitch. But than the next stitch is another knit and then purl thus putting 2 knit stitches together.

First, does the pattern have you continue the ribbing, or does it switch to a different st pattern on the next row? Does the picture show what it should look like - do the ribs stretch out or is it supposed to look like k2, p2 all the way up? Reading ahead in the pattern can give you clues as to what you need to do.