Increase Q

For some reason I can’t wrap this around my head. I’m supposed to increase 1 in the beginning of the row. All the videos I’ve viewed seem to be increased in the middle or a couple stitches in. Would anyone care to explain how to increase on the first stitch? Or does the beginning just mean one of the first few? shrugs Being a newbie can be a pain, but I have learned a lot!


If you just want to increase without any “special effects” knit into the first stitch twice. Knit into the front, don’t slide it off, then knit into the back and slide the whole thing off.

If you’re doing a yo increase on the first stitch, for a loop effect, Make sure the yarn strand is in front of your right needle and let it wrap around the shaft of the needle as you make your first stitch.

You can just increase on the second stitch. It doesn’t have to be the first stitch. In fact, I think it’s a nicer look when you increase or decrease on the second stitch.

Thanks Ingrid and Kristin! Since it’s just a simple little project I decided to knit the first stitch twice. Thanks again:)