Increase one stitch on each side?

I’m making sleeves for a sweater. It says "Inc 1 st on each side of the knitting’ . Does that mean increase one stitch at beg and end of each row?

[COLOR=Blue][B]Yes.[/B][/COLOR] This is to gradually increase the sleeve from the “cuff’s width” to the width of the bicep!

This increase will usually be done RS facing, and only maybe every 4th row, or 6th row…so that the sleeve doesn’t look like an arrowhead. Your pattern will tell you how frequently the increase row needs to be performed.

Keep track! You might forget to knit the increase at the end of the row. I do that all the time. Aaaargh.

That was my first post to this forum. Thank you so much for answering. Some day I will make a sweater and not have to remove any stitches.:cheering: