Increase on the sleeve... about to face confusion!

Ok, so I am now working on the sleeve for this sweater and about to come face to face with some confusing lingo in this pattern. The part that I’m confused with is [COLOR=“Red”]red[COLOR=“Black”].[/COLOR][/COLOR]

I am now working on the round and doing 16 rounds and here is what it says…

'Work in rib pattern for a total of 16 rnds-piece measures about 3"(7.5cm) from beginning. [COLOR=“Red”]Increase Rnd: Kf&b, knit to last st, kf&b-2 sts increased. Work increased sts into the k4, p4 rib pattern as they become available,[COLOR=“Black”]changing to the medium circular needle if there are too many sts to fit comfortably on the shortest circular needle. [COLOR=“Red”]Work 8 rnds even. Repeat the last 9 rnds 8 more times-66sts. [COLOR=“Black”]Work even until piece measures 181/2" from beginning.

So where I’m confused is:
I get how to do kf&b from the helpful video here, but where exactly do I do this? At the beginning where I have my marker only? It says to work increased sts in a rib pattern as they become available. Is this during working 8 rounds? Do I increase in every round? And it says I am to repeat the last 9 rnds 8 more times. I want to end up with 66 sts and I’m starting with 48 so somewhere along the way I am to increase 18 sts. Thanks for any help!:?? [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

Essentially you’re increasing in the stitch after the marker, working around to the end, and then increasing in the stitch before the marker. On the next row, work them in the rib pattern. So if up to this point you have

kkkkppppkkkkpppp after the increase you’re going to have
[COLOR=Red]p[/COLOR]kkkkppppkkkkpppp[COLOR=Red]k [/COLOR]and after the next increase
[COLOR=Red]pp[/COLOR]kkkkppppkkkkpppp[COLOR=Red]kk [COLOR=Black]etc. The pattern will expand outward.

You need to work 8 rows without increasing, then work the next increase round. So you’re increasing on every 9th round until you reach 66 stitches.

I think I get it. So I do the increase one before and one after the marker for the next two rows. Then do 8 rows with no increase. Then do another increase row as above. And this whole thing I repeat 9 times?

No the 8 rounds even means no increase on those rows.

You got it Darcia! Get your pen and paper ready. You’ll need to keep close track of that. It’ll be nice when it’s done. Good luck!

Just to be sure, as after doing the math it didn’t seem to add up.

If I am to increase 2 on one row, then two on the next then do the 8 normal rows, repeating it all 9 times, I figure it would give me 80 stitches, when I am supposed to have 66 after 9 repeats.

start with 48 sts

  1. 2 sts increase
  2. 2 sts increase
    3.-11. 0 sts increase
    repeat 1-11 8 more times = 80 sts altogether.

Or is it this way:

start with 48 sts

  1. 2 sts increase
  2. 2 sts increase
      1. 0 sts increase
        repeat 2-11 8 more times = 66 sts altogether

Hence the capital Kf&b for just one time, then the small kf&b is repeated not the Kf&b.
Is this right?
PS thanks so much!!!:???: :notworthy:

1= increase round = +2
2 through 8 = no increases

repeat 8 times more = +16

48 + 18 = 66

There is no place where you do the increases 2 rounds in a row.

I think she got confused by your original instructions:

kkkkppppkkkkpppp after the increase you’re going to have
[COLOR=Red]p[/COLOR]kkkkppppkkkkpppp[COLOR=Red]k [/COLOR]and after the next increase
[COLOR=Red]pp[/COLOR]kkkkppppkkkkpppp[COLOR=Red]kk [COLOR=Black]etc. The pattern will expand outward.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Makes it look like your next increase round is right after the first.

They’re not Darcia, there’s 7 rounds of
[COLOR=Black]then you do the next increase rounds and then 7 rounds of

Always good to have another pair of eyes!:thumbsup:

Thank you so much Ingrid and Suzeeq. I did get confused but I think I got it now.

So it is 1 row of an increase (one st on either side of my marker) plus seven of even repeated 9 times.

Is it saying 7 or 8 even in between? I think it is supposed to be eight.

Again THANK_YOU!!!

Every 8th row is 7 rows in between the increase rows when you count them out.
inc row -
1st row (after the inc row)
2nd row
3rd row
4th row
5th row
6th row
7th row
8th row - inc

:figureditout: YES! That makes perfect sense to me now! THANK YOU Suzeeq! It’s because I increase before and after my marker, I actually start the 1st row of even with an increase!:notworthy: