Increase in next stitch

I have 114 sts. The next row is as follows:

P5, inc in next st, (P5, inc in next st) 17 times, P6. 132 sts.

How do I increase in next sts? and does it add up?

Yes it adds up. You’re increasing by 18 stitches. 114+18=132. (Not sure why they chose to write it like that instead of just p5, increase 18 times.)

As for increasing, there are a number of different ways to go about adding a stitch. If your pattern doesn’t list something explicitly in the glossary or stitch definitions, then what you choose isn’t likely to impact the design.

There are videos for most types of increases found in the video index on this site to help you out. KFB is probably the easiest to execute, IMO.

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The pattern actually has a few sizes, I took my size out and copied it here. That’s why.

Ya, I found the PFB on youtube and will do that. Before that I found a M1 in purl and that’s why it didn’t add up for me.

Thank you

Here’s how I think of it if I want to change the increase from pfb.
If you p5, pfb it counts the same as p6, inc (lifted inc, m1, or another that is between 2 sts). My thinking is that either way I have 6 sts before the increase. HTH and doesn’t confuse.