Increase at each end in moss stitch help!

Hi once again I ask you lovely people fir help. Currently doing a baby cardigan in moss stitch which in my pattern is
1st row purl 1, knit 1
2nd row purl 1,knit 1
3rd row knit 1, purl 1
4th row knit 1, purl 1
I cast on 37 stitches for sleeves knit 12 rows then begin the moss stitch. It says increase i stitch at each end of the 3rd row then every following 4th row. So I work 2 rows then on the 3rd row I have to increase 1 stitch at each end . I have tried the normal knitting increase into front and back of first stitch which is a knit then I purl the next stitch to carry on in the pattern and increase the same way with the last stitch which is also a knit. I then carry on with the pattern for another 4 rows. So the next row after the increase row I knit as row 4 knit 1 purl 1. And continue the pattern next row p1 knit 1 and so on. But after the increase row it all goes wrong. What am I doing wrong I dont get it. Please help. I have watched utube videos but they don’t explain this particular pattern. Or I am just thick I don’t know thank you in advance

Maybe this instruction and video can help you?

You have to do a knit and a purl in the stitch, so you are going into the same stitch twice but not knitting into front and back but rather knit, move yarn forward to prepare for purl and then go into the front(right) leg again but purlwise to make your second stitch.
The video is clear i think :thinking:

Good luck


Thats great thank you I will try it and let you know. Dont know what I would do without this site. Since my mum died I have no one to ask for help. But you guys have been great thank you again so much .


One thing that might help is “reading” your knitting. This means looking to see where you are in the moss stitch pattern by looking at your knitting, rather than relying on your row-by-row instructions. This is very handy when it comes time to add decreases, which change your stitch count.

It’s easier than it sounds, don’t worry!

When you look at your next stitch and see one V below, you need to knit. When you see one purl bump, you need to purl.

When you look at the next stitch and see two Vs stacked on top of each other, you need to purl. If you see two purl bumps stacked, you need to knit.

On the increase row, your moss stitch pattern might be interrupted just where the increase is. Don’t worry too much about that. Focus on getting back in the pattern by reading which stitch should be there now.