Increase a pattern?

hi everyone, i am very new to knitting and i found a pattern for a baby blanket that i really like but it is too small. is there any way that i can increase the pattern to make it double this size?? any help would be greatly appreciated!!
here is the link for the pattern

I didn’t look at the link, but I think you could double the size by knitting with two strands of yarn at the same time, and using larger needles. I’ve done that before, and it makes a nice cushy blanket.

Of course, you’ll need twice as much yarn!

hi i had another questions, in the patter, it says for rows 1&3 work 5 sts then place marker and etc. then in rows 2&4 work 5 sts then slide marker and etc. do i really need to place the markers??? what do they do?? what happens if i dont use markers???

The markers are for you to keep track of where you are. If you can see what’s what without them, then don’t use them. I find that markers come in handy for the first few rows until it’s easier to see the pattern. You’d hate to be off by one stitch in the first few repeats and therefore be off by one on all the rest of the row.

thanks so much for your help, i get it now :slight_smile: