Increase 4

I’m having trouble understanding the instructions for a cardigan I’m working on. It has a leaf pattern along the bottom edge. I started with 6 row of K2 P6 ribbing. The body of the cardigan is in reverse stockinette. At the top of the K2 ‘stalk’ I have to increase 4. The instructions given are:

Insert RH needle into 2 sts as if to k2tog, then work as foll into these 2 sts tog without removing them from LH needle: [k1,yo) twice, k1, then k sts through back loops]. Remove sts from LH needle (4 sts inc’d).

I’ve never done a 4 stitch increase before. I’ve tried it a couple of times but only end up with 5 stitches and according to the chart, I should have 6 stitches. I know how to k2tog, but for this I’m not sure what to do after I’ve inserted the RH needle. Do I (k1,yo) into the k2tog (which will have the stitches on the RH needle)? Then do it again? This doesn’t seem to work either…

The pattern is in the Summer, 2005, Knitter’s magazine and is called Parchment Leaves. I would appreciate any help. :??

I would:

Insert your needle through the 2 st on the left needle as if to k2tog

Then, without dropping the stitches off the left needle, k1, yo, k1 yo, k1
You’re basically knitting and increasing at the same spot.

Then, you put your needle through the back loops of those same two stitches and knit everything together. I imagine you’ll have a bobble-like stitch.

Thanks, I’ll try that…cheryl :XX: