Inconsistent yarn over holes - even when knitting twisted

Hello! I have a strange problem when working a pattern calling for yarn overs.

On the right side raglan increase yarn over, when I knit that yarn over twisted on the next row, it closes it up nicely. But on the next yarn over after the markers (which is on the left side), knitting twisted still leaves a hole. I’m not particularly worried about the look of the holes, except that it’s asymmetrical–I’d rather both sides have holes, or neither! :smile:

Any tips? Is it something like I should be flipping the yarn over around and twisting it the other way to make it lean? Or is this a weird tension issue?

What is the name of your pattern? Are you working in the round or back and forth?
You might try making the second yarn over from back to front. So instead of bringing the yarn to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back as a usual yarn over, bring the yarn from the back directly over the right needle then work the next stitch. (I’m assuming there is a knit stitch before each yarn over.) Then on the next row, knit into the yarn over as usual (that is, not through the back loop). That should twist it.


Is there a purl before or after the larger hole? That causes a difference in size. The links are to videos for the same thing except one is Continental and one is English style. She demonstrates the reverse yo that salmonmac described.

Adjusting Yarn-Over Sizes- Continental
Adjusting Yarn Over Sizes- English style


Oh, interesting! You have both got me thinking. Thanks for your replies!

I am still using Arctic Tide ( which salmonmac helped me with the other day. Working in the round.

I don’t have any situations where I jumped right into a YO from a purl, or from YO to purl, but some cases do have YO, k1, then a purl. However, I can see that I still get the hole on the left side raglan even when there is no purl within a few stitches.

I think I can rule out tension since the holes are so nice and uniform, as if they are an intentional lace pattern. Could it be something about the way I’m twisting it when I knit into that stitch on the next row?

I am going to try what you’ve pointed out about the reverse YO on the left now and see if that fixes it. I feel I must be doing something wrong for this not to be accounted for in the pattern or a common issue people have in sweater making.

Thank you both!