Inc into next 4 stitches?!

Hey there! Relatively new knitter here, I’m learning most of this on the fly…I know how to “inc into next st”, but I am following directions for knitting a teddy bear and ran into the following:

“inc into next 2 st”
“inc into next 4 st”

…ok, so increasing into 2 stitches, I think I can do…but 4?? I tried for about 20 minutes, and cannot do it for the life of me. Any tips, videos on how to do this? Maybe I am doing it the wrong way when multiple stitches are involved.

Thanks for any help!

can you tell us what you are struggling with? It can get kind of tight when you are increasing like that but it can be done. What is happening when you are doing it? What increase are you using?

everything is just too tight…The way I understand it, if directions is to “inc into next st”, you knit (or purl) into the st but do not slip st off the left needle. Then you K or P into the back of the st and slip it off - so now 2 st instead of one.

When I see “inc into next 4 st”, I picture knitting or purling into all 4 st and then trying to K or P into the back of all 4 st, then slipping off.

—Maybe this sounds crazy to you experienced knitters :slight_smile:

But the yarn is way too tight - once I K or P the 4 st and try to get to the back of the st, I can’t get the yarn to fit through the backs - it’s too tight.

I hope this makes sense…!

Anyway, how would any of you ladies “inc into next 2 (or 4) st”?

Hi Isabella! :waving: Welcome to the forum.

I’ll take a stab at your problem. I don’t know what type of increase you are using, so I will “demostrate” with the knit front and back type (abbreviated KFB). So when you are knitting along and are told to “inc into next st” you do:
K to instructed place, KFB, continue K according to pattern.

Now when a pattern says “inc into next 2 st” or “inc into next 4 st” they are telling you how many times in succession to do the increase. So that would be:
K to instructed place, KFB, KFB, continue K according to pattern. OR
K to instructed place, KFB, KFB, KFB, KFB, continue K according to pattern.

Note that the increases are done in successive stitches, not the same stitch - which it what I think your problem may be. As Brendajos said, it may be a little tight but the end of the 4 consecutive repeats, but it is doaable. Also, if the pattern does not specific the increase type, you might experiment with different styles to find which one is easiest for you to work. Good Luck!

I’m kind of interpreting that as increasing one time in each of the next four (or two) stitches.

Is this a free pattern online or in a book? A bit more information might be helpful.

Looks like we posted at the same time. :teehee: This is where your problem is - you should do each increase seperately: K (or P) into the front and back of the first stitch and slip it off the needle. Then K (or P) into the front and back of the second stitch and slip it off the needle. Continue until the specificed number of increases are done. Hope that clarifys things!

yeah i am with Gardenmommy on this one. do like you would to increase into one stitch except do it into each of the next four stitches (or two as the instruction says.)

Thanks so much guys! It makes a lot more sense now…increase separately…duh :slight_smile:

Here’s the pattern if anyone was interested -

Thanks for all your help!!