Inc 1.5?

Hi, another new starter to knitting, I have bought some books and following instructions for a bag. I have completed one side but for the back once you start off it then says
[B][I]Row 2 Inc 1, knit to end, inc 1.5 sts. [/I][/B]
I know how to increase but I don’t understand the 1.5 bit.

Anyone point out where I’m obviously missing the point!
Many thanks.

It’s a format thing, if you change the . to a - and the line reads like this: Inc 1, knit to end, inc 1 - 5 sts. You’ll have 5 sts after the 2 increases on that row.

Thank you so much. Just as your answer popped up I figured it out, after reading it out loud a number of time!

Not very clear, but guess I’ll get used to that.

Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I’ll finish the bag now!