In the mood for some "new stuff"

Hi everyone…put down my knitting for the summer…getting syked to start again…What I am in search of is some leftover stuff, nice colors and fun to use…Can someone out there throw together a stash for me? I have paypal and a limit on what I can spend…Do not want: Vanna White or Bernat or Red Heart…Thanks:hug:

:?? Stores like Michaels and Joanns have some really good sales, Cheley. There are usually coupons in the Sunday paper, too.

Yea, I know…but just thought someone “here” wants to get rid of some leftovers!!! and I want to spend a few bucks here on the forum:happydance:

Check out
they often have 99 cent a skein yarn.

:woohoo: will do!!! Thanks:hug:

Sent you a Pm.

:woohoo: I was so excited to “check out that site”, but my computer won’t let me…got a warning of a potential threat…Are you sure that’s how ya spell it?

pm’d ya back:hug:

I just tried too… its actually

You have to spend a certain amount of money from smiley’s in order to get anything.

I have a TON of yarn, my room is busting at the seams. I can send some your way. Their full skeins. I have to go to the post office anyways. I can fit about 5-6 skeins in a package.

I have dozens of red/green/rust colored/the cream is red heart…some mustards/maroon/Whites (which are red heart)/lavender/. I have over 250 skeins so i have a little bit of everything. Everything but the white and cream coloreds are thick and soft not the thin yarn they sell these days. Some don’t have labels but they are definetly not vanna /bernat/redheart.

Let me know. the shipping will probably be 5-7dollars. I have paypal I just haven’t “confirmed it” yet. Which i can do if you would like to pay the shipping. If it’s only a few dollars you don’t have to.

doggonit…just read your post, sorry I have made a purchase from one our members…but in a month or so I will be looking for more…Thanks anyway:hug:

no problem!

I knew I should not have looked. I cant resist yarn sales.