In search of this pattern...PIC POSTED

I can not “find” my original copy of this pattern…The one I have does not use Tunisian stitch…Any one have a link? Thanks


Do you remember if this was in a magazine, book, or a flyer? That might jog some people’s memories. Also, if it was free, have you tried scouring the Web? Probably so, but thought I would check.

Best of luck in finding this.


Actually I “inherited” the pattern!! So I do not know if it was free…but I do have in my hand the knit version (which I make quite often) and I did check the web for the company…I was given both knit and crochet patterns, once again (somewhere in my craft room) I do own the crochet version…The company on the pattern is JAO Enterprises and the pattern name is Ladies knitted neck scarf…I have to play around with Flickr to post a pic of the pattern…


I don’t have a crochet pattern for this design, but I did post a knit pattern for it on my website. It shouldn’t be too hard to develop a crochet pattern for this design, and I’ll see if I can, but I have quite a few projects on my plate right now and quite a busy family life, so no telling when or if I can get it done. You might try checking Mary Maxim or Herrschner’s and see if they have this as a crochet pattern, or Patternworks might also be a good source. If I come up with something, I’ll post it, but no promises right now!




This may be too late. I did some research…1. Jao enterprises is has website by the Queen of Crafts… she may have the pattern worth checking…on etsy and ebay… 2. lion yarn brand free online patterns have 2 patterns #60340A neck wrap , #60339 Necktie , you have to enroll.3. is Tipnut website has a Pattern called Pink Ribbon Scarf -crochet by Knitmonster it is free.

I am usually a great searcher for things of interest. Knitting is my new interest…
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#6 might also have it somewhere.


Maybe this? Do you like this one?


yes…very nice…thank you!


Hope this is what your looking for.


Thank you…I must of been looking for these a long time ago…Nice pattern tho