In search of the perfect yarn

I’m coming out of my knitting hiatus. It was just SO hot the last few months; it was hard to think even think about yarn. That’s hot!

Anyway, my next big project will be a baby blanket for my new niece or nephew :cheering: and I’m struggling with yarn choices. I found a pattern or two I like, but I want something other than the typical baby yarn. I’d like it to be durable and washable, but possibly a natural fiber or a portion natural. I need a worsted or DK weight, but I think I’d prefer worsted. It needs to have that ooh-ahh factor with softness.

I think I want to stay away from pastels or primary colors. I think with my sister’s house and personality, it needs to be an earthy color. I love the Mission Falls colors, but I think the cotton will be too heavy and the wool just isn’t soft enough for a baby blanket.

I’d love to have a hand-dyed or a yarn with personality. It needs to speak to me and keep me entertained.

Any ideas for the perfect yarn?

Is cost an issue? Lorna’s Laces Shepherd makes several weights and is the softest wool I’ve ever felt! It’s also machine washable (the shepherd type is washable I mean).

I know you said natural fibers, but if you don’t mind acrylic, there are several choices that are very soft.

Vanna’s Choice worsted
Red Heart Soft
Caron Simply Soft

I just bought some Lorna’s Laces (from Jimmy Bean’s, btw) for baby blankets. I think it’s perfect–can’t wait to start.

Jimmy Bean’s shipped a few hours after I ordered, too.


I used the Sirdar Snowflake Chunky for my grandchild-to-be - at the shower, my daughter’s [pregnant] best friend asked for one for her coming baby…just did a diagonal garter stitch - 4 skeins, #10 needles - and it’s fantastic!!! And there are deeper solids as well as the usual baby colors.

Those Lorna’s Laces are gorgeous! I guess I’ve only seen a few in a LYS and the colors never “spoke” to me. I probably only saw was picked over. Maybe I need to stalk a new shipment.

I really like the Baltic Sea and Tuscany colorways and I think they would work well if we get news of a girl. I’m thinking Sand Ridge for a boy. Now if we can get an ultrasound!

I also looked into some of the Sidar yarns. Are they as soft as they sound? Any experience with washing?

Thanks so much for your help!

Here’s some pretty wool yarns for reasonable prices they are handpainted!

Also check out this place for natural fiber!