In Search of a very warm shawl

Respected Members ,
I got transferred to a hill station and last winter I enjoyed the chilly biting wind with shivering cold , specially at night during meditation.
I am in need of a really really very warm shawl to use during meditation in the winter months regularly .
I have used a woolmarked Merino wool shawl but in vain . I came to know about pure yak wool and pure Angora rabbit wool shawls available in another hill station , far away from here .
Now I am really confused which one would be better for me . These are pricey and so I am to buy only one of them .
I am to you for your precious suggestion as I know you know better.
Waiting for your precious suggestion.
Regards .

Welcome to the forum!
Yak would be warmer than the angora depending on the tightness of the knit or weave. See if this article helps:

Do you need a pattern or are you just asking about fiber? My friends have said alpaca is incredibly warm. I live in southern CA so no use for me though. Ha! Where are you?

Thanks for your precious suggestion.
In the list yak is warmer than even cashmere !

Thanks for your kindness.
Sorry I don’t need any pattern . I would like to buy a really very warm shawl for meditation.
I am from India .