In over my head!

hi there! I’m a fairly new kniitter that took on a project that is out of my league!It is a vintage breakfast coat (cute sweater) and the pattern says “work77 sts and slip on a holder for half of front (i get that), work 30 sts and slip on a strand of yarn for neck edge-finish row” that i don’t get. if anyone could help i would be sooo grateful. thanks!pattern is at if anyone is interested it is a really nice sweater.

After you work the 30 stitches slip them on a stitch holder for the neck edge. You will not work those stitches on the holder until you start the neck finishing.That is why they want you to slip them on a piece of yarn. The piece of yarn was just to hold them so they didn’t unravel down.

You made that sound so simple. Thanks again, I may need more help later in the pattern it’s great to have some help. Have a great night!

I am glad that I could help you.

There’s LOTS of good help on this site. I love it so much. Most “mysterious” instructions just need a little translation into plain English. Good Luck on your project.

You are right about this site, I am so glad I found it!Maybe I can finish this afterall. I was starting to think I was going to have to leave it and start something else. Thanks and have a great day!