In need of a spinning commission or help with how to use a very old wheel?

Hi! I’m an absolute spinning beginner and really don’t know much besides the anatomy of a spinning wheel (treadle, whorl etc). I got into the idea of spinning when I had a lot of surplus fibre left over after a my 3rd year uni project that involved unpicking lots and lots of denim. The fibres from the denim that are left over look like they would make an amazing denim yarn so recently I’ve become utterly obsessed with the idea of spinning it into yarns!

I recently bought an old spinning wheel from eBay for £40 but I’m starting to think I got ripped off because it’s missing it’s bobbin, whorl and flyer. The wheel spins as it’s supposed to but I really am having some trouble trying to operate it! If anybody knows how to fix it please help :crazy_face:

If there’s no way I can use this wheel I would be interested in commissioning somebody to spin it for me; first I would send you some of the fibre to spin a sample and then we could take it from there. Ideally I would rather fix my wheel but paying somebody else would probably save me some time!

Will post pics of the denim fibre and the spinning wheel underneath :slight_smile:

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The fibres

The wheel



Perhaps @mullerslanefarm can help you out.