In crochet, where is the Wrong side, Right Side?

i really can’t make different between both…in knit, right side and wrong side are much more clearer, depend on what we want to use as right or wrong side…knit side, or purl side…but in crochet…seems like i can use both of them…both are alike to me…
please, tell me…

anyway, never thought crochet is also fun:inlove:

Well I’m very new to crochet too so I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I’ve very much noticed the same thing. It seems like a lot of crochet is reversible. Even in a few garment patterns that I’ve glanced at, they don’t necessarily specificy RS or WS. Weird. I guess if it is really crucial, a pattern will say one way or the other.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Crochet is often reversible because it’s a back and forth thing like garter stitch in knitting.

However, with that said, if you crochet a small square and pick one side to be the public side, and with a different color, crochet a row of single crochet around it, you’ll see that the border on the public side is different than it appears on the private side. Mainly in how the colors of the square show through the single crochet border.

Your chain row is not a row. When you turn and crochet back, that row as it faces you while crocheting is the first row of the public side. Mark it so you know, and as you work on your project study how the sts look on the public side vs the private side. You will see a difference and being able to spot it will help you later on in your crochet. Such as when you do a bunch of granny squares and want to crochet them together, you will be able to see which is considered the public and which is the private so they all match and are displayed correctly so your MIL doesn’t come over and tell you it’s all backwards!:lol:

It’s a minor point when you are first learning the mechanics of crochet but later becomes more important, so it’s good to know. IMHO

Like with knitting there is a right and wrong side to your work. The right side is the side facing you as you work. When you finish the row and before you turn , the side not facing you is the wrong side. You will find patterns that refer to right and wrong side when you are crocheting. If you notice when you look at a stitch there is a front loop and a back loop and the post or stem of the stitch. Some stitches or patterns require you to work on the right side especially with post stitches.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS] My coffee may not have kicked in, :teehee: but doesn’t that mean it’s reversible? If whatever side you are working on is the right side, the right side changes with each row then… Which makes it reversible…

Which I agree with. The only time there really is a right and wrong side with crochet is when you are knitting around (vs back and forth), like a granny square or a tube (hat, mittens, socks), or when adding a border around the outside of something. :shrug:

When you are crocheting in the round , it does make a difference. With certain stitches it does make a difference.
Otherwise it is reversable if you want it to be. Tunisian crochet has a right and a wrong side and so does tapestry crochet.

Very make sense…