In a Knitters Closet?

Hello, I was just wondering what everyone thinks are the MUST HAVE items in your closet would be that is knitted. I’m talking all kinds of knitting. Wraps, shawls, scarfs , hats, mittens, shrugs, socks, etc.

Be as specific as you want for example if you think a circular shawl is a must have for every knitter to own then say so…

I’m honestly not sure why I’m asking this except for the fact that when I googled I couldn’t find anything. I guess this is just for fun :knitting:


Funny that you ask that question.

hmmmm I think in the 8+yrs I’ve been knitting I’ve only knitted myself a scarf. Everything I knit is to give away.
But I plan to start knitting some stuff for myself in the near future.
I want to wear/show off some nice stuff in the fall and winter.

P.S. I love your signature!!

I actually wear very little knitting although I do have a few sweaters and scarves I’ve worn occasionally.

I also use dishcloths and I make hats for charity, but these are not in my closet. I’ve also made lots of baby gifts.

Socks and more socks! :heart:

I have a bulky knit, zip-up jacket that I can’t seem to live without. It goes over other sweaters and it always goes with me on travels. When one finally wears out, I make another in a different color combination.

Great question!

I have a light zip-up jacket in bulky yarn that gets a lot of wear, as do the various hats I’ve made. I just finished a cowl, which I expect to use much more frequently than all the scarves in my closet.

I made a pair of worsted weight socks this past winter just to see if I could (I can, but I don’t much like it); however, they are probably the only socks I’ll ever make. So as you can see, socks are not on my “must have list,” especially since I didn’t find them (even in the heavier yarn) to be warmer than the mohair socks I can buy.

Things I would [U]like[/U] to someday have in my closet include a convertible, a light cardigan, and a “favorite” sweater.

Hats, and scarves, definitely, in this knitter’s closet, because it gets very cold here! Cold enough that mittens don’t work, so hands go in leather gloves. I will probably give socks a whirl, too.

I give up, the temptation is driving me crazy. From the first time I saw this, I’ve wanted to say: In a knitter’s closet? Come out! KIP! (knit in public) :slight_smile:

I have a gray and black entralac scarf that Amy knit for me about 6 years ago. I wear it 3 seasons out of the year. When I leave the house without it, I feel underdressed.

Hats are also a biggie in this house. We always have a bunch of hand knit hats in the front closet.


Where can I get the pattern for this jacket?? THANKS!


I have an entrelac scarf that I am working on for myself but that is about it. Eventually when I have the time I want a long black sweater.

I’ll look for the pattern and let you know.

Well, [B]I WISH[/B] I had gloves, gauntlets, and socks…sigh…in my knitting closet. :pout: I’m gloveless and sockless.

But mostly…I have sweaters, hats and scarves.

Recently I’ve added wraps…and extra extra wide scarves.

In my home, I have 5 knitted blankets…and love them to pieces!