In 2 minds would love some opinions that arent emotionally envolved

I said a while ago about a so called friend reporting me for neglecting my horses. after 2 rescue centres coming they have both said that all is fine (as it is!!). Well i have heard from a friend that she is planning to send another rescue centre then if they say all is fine she is taking things into her own hands ( i guess that means she will go through with her thret of stealing them!!).

I have been told about somehting called a faulse report here in france. basicly it means i get a report from the vet saying they are all in oerfect shape (which he said a few weeks ago when he was here doing my old lads teeth), you hand this into the police they then go and see her telling her to back off etc. but she would get either a fine or a tax at the end of the finacial year. If they tax her im sure that her hubby’s working on the black here so would face prison for doing so. they come down on the brits like a ton of brick (rightly so, its not fair on the legit english run business like my famalies, we pay for them to earn more than us!!).

My boyfriend has told me im silly not reporting them, my family say not to. the bitter suide that wants revenge is saying reporther, but then i keep thinking just leave it alone the horses will be the other side of the country by the end of the month and no one will know they are there. i am having to book a lorry in another name take them to another yarn then get another lorry to move them again, just so they cant be tranced. its crazy. it feels like im trying to steal my own horses!!

just wanted other opinions on this as i am in 2 minds. i know if they get caught for not paying tax etc her hubby has been really ill (self inflicted, but still ill). i dont want to be responsible for him getting worse or worse still dieing!!

I wont tell you what i’ve had to stop my boyfriend doing lol, but its not nice what he wanted to do. he’s a londner and not from the nicest part and has some, shall we say interesting friends lol. i have told him thats a def no go though lol.


Sounds like you’re having to go through an awful lot of sneaking sort of stuff instead of just handling it according to the law. If this person, or her husband, wind up suffering because of their false accusations that’s their own fault, not yours.

I think you should do things on the up and up, get the vet report and turn it in to them. Whatever happens to the person who started the issue is not your responsibility.

It has nothing to do with revenge, it has to do with proving the accusation to be false and clearing your name. Moving the horses in the manner you describe would make you look guilty to the law.

I agree with Mason. If the vet and the animal rescue people (the EXPERTS) think you’re treating your horses well, I’d document that, and hand the papers over to the police. Whatever her personal financial situation is, she’s basically harrassing you and neither you nor these agencies need to deal with it.

i agree with both of you, i just havent done anything so far as i didnt want to do anything hot headed. I can piece together some of the crazy accusations she’s said. i want to find out if by law the rescue centres have to tell me what was said (not by who as theres no point i already know, one of the women that came i already knew and she told me). Just a little more info to go to the police with. My gut is saying to go and talk to them and see what they surgest. I dont want the faulse report thingy but i do want her stopped. My mum is now bed ridden because of the stress of it all. She hardly sleeps and she panics everytime she hears anything. She was really healthy now im worried sick she’s going to have some kind of stroke: nervous break down or heart attack the way she is!! I have had to ask my dad if either him or my brother can be at home 24/7 so i have a man here if she turns up. I also have a knife down in the yard so if she does i can stab the tyres of a lorry so they cant be taken, i have never even thought of stuff like this. thankfullt my boyfriend does (he asked a friend he’s not like that at all).
It does make me seem guilty I agree Mason, but I dont see i have a choice. i know she’s stolen animals before so would think nothing of taking mine. She has contacts to hide horses easily that I dont know of. The move was planned anyway, Im just speeding it up by about 6/7 months and rather than going to what would be my own land im going to put them at someone elses and live in a caravan in a barn (should be fun, no shower or hot water lol).

Its a shame i have always taken on any animal no matter what its conditon if someone needed it rehomed and never parted with one. Now i will never take any animal on when asked i refer them to the local shelter. I take in feral cats/kittens thats it. Sad really.

I’ll have a chat with my family over the weenend. As long as they agree i’ll talk to the police at the weekend after seeing my vet for the report. he can do one there and then as he saw him 2 weeks ago.

Thank you I just didnt want to do anything silly.

Stop being nice about it. You are not responsible for what they bring about on themselves. Get your reports and turn them into the police department and let the chips fall where they may. This harrassment is getting to be VERY expensive. I would also inform the police department that she has threatened to steal your horses as well. Add increased security measures and stop treating her with kid gloves.

Definitely talk to the police, what she’s doing is wrong. And, if she suffers no consequences, she’ll keep doing it. I’m sure you have more than enough documentation to prove your horses are fine, and, her continuance with this is harassment. You’ve done nothing wrong yet your family and you are suffering because this woman has problems. Stick to the facts and provide the police with the information, proof, and letter from the vet. :hug:

I agree with everyone here. Thing is, they might very well start harassing other people as well. You have the authorities on your side, since experts have clearly determined, multiple times, that your horses are fine.

Animal rescue teams don’t take their job lightly. They are very serious, and look at any sign of abuse. If they couldn’t find anything, it’s because there is nothing to be found. If it takes the police to make them understand that, well so be it!

Definitely, definitely tell the police that she is threatening to steal the horses from you. That way, if anything happens, she’s the first suspect.

You have the law on your side. Use it.

I am with everyone…It is not your fault about her or her husbands tax or work situation.

If she is not backing down, then you have to protect yourself.

I agree with everyone else: GO TALK TO THE POLICE. Do it right now, today, take all the paperwork with you, give them the names of the two rescue organizatiuons who have been there AND your vet, and tell them she is threatening to steal the horses. Don’t run from her and don’t act guilty. Her actions are criminal and you are being harassed. Don’t let her get away with it!

ETA: If her finances are so terrible, why does she want to steal your horses when they’ll be a major financial drain? Is she planning to steal and sell them?

I would say go the legal route too! Even if her husband is sent to gaol for tax evasion - they have hospitals in gaol. Sounds like she is giving off about everything you are supposedly doing wrong with your horses but not looking at what her and her husband are doing wrong themselves. The faster this is resolved legally then the less hassle for your family - also you don’t want to get a bad name in the area as a bad reputation takes longer to go away even if it’s proved false. You are losing out financially and emotionally because of her. If she stoops to horse theft she’s not such a nice person anyway so you should stop feeling sorry for her.

also, if these horses are part of your livelihood, business is business.

And frankly, she doesn’t sound like much of a friend.

Thank you all for your advise. I had a chat with my mum today, she thought that i should move the horses just in case she turns really nasty on me and me not be about as she seems to have a problem with me right now (no idea what i’ve done).

Her finances as far as i know are ok as they pay no tax social charges etc. the legit companies (like my famalies) have to pay for them to earn more than we do!!

My horses are pets, i dont ride them. my son actually is messing about on 1, but as he’s 5 he’s not doing a lot.

I will report her though as soon as ive moved them away. I will say to the police to do what they feel is right to do, even if its the full lot. they will either make an example of them being english or not want to know (hugly racist here)

She wants my ginger pony as she’s rather flashy and a pretty girl. a friend of hers came around months and months ago with her and wanted my old lad. hence th eproblems i think.

and no shes not a friend at all. She has spread some nasty romous about me, i wont go into details but they arent nice at all. They actually dont bother me in the slightest, my friends and family know im not like that in any way, but i do care for my 5 year old sons sake. the reason i must move a bad re^putation sticks like glue. I have a good friend that lives further north and has offered me her 5 acres she isnt using. they’ll love it as i have rigged together some tempory stables so they can come in at night agian. the move is a very good thing tbh. just not how its being done

thanks again guys, i kne id get sence from you lot :thumbsup:

There’s something I’m missing here…why do YOU have to sneak the horses off your property in the dead of night, hide them, and have a big knife to stick in the neighbor’s tires?

She’s making YOU a criminal - or at least someone who would look very suspicious, IMHO. Get the horses vet checked before you do anything!!! If you simply move them, it’s going to look like you’re hiding them because they are in poor shape and you don’t want anyone to see them. Call the cops, file a report, do whatever you have to do to get it on record that you are afraid that your neighbor is going to steal your animals. Get them vet checked to PROVE they are in good shape. Take tons of pictures of the animals, make a note of any odd markings, scars, whatever they may have - that way if you have to you can identify them by things that someone else might not notice. Basically do whatever you can to have proof of ownership. If, after all that, you want to move them, so be it…but I wouldn’t do it without seeing the vet and police first.