Immediate Need for Blankets

Hi everyone! :waving:

I just received a request from my local domestic violence shelter. (The Treehouse Children’s Advocacy Center)

They need [B][SIZE=3]child-size and teen-size blankets[/SIZE][/B] for their exam room. Their supply is running low.

Some of you may remember when I donated two of our Oddball Lapghans to that agency.

Our Blankets Have a New Home by Shandeh, on Flickr

Now, those shelves are not so full of blankets and toys.

The toys and blankets are given to children and teens when they have their physical exam after an abusive event. Some of them have never even gone to the doctor before, so they are very anxious. The blanket and toy really helps them relax…and they get to keep both when the exam is over.

If you would like to donate a blanket, lapghan, or throw, please let me know. I am willing to accept squares, and seam them together for this need.

Shandeh, I have several crocheted squares that I did over 10 years ago, thinking I would make a sampler blanket. I don’t remember how many, but I know where they are and will get them out tomorrow and mail them to you, if you want them. :happydance: I also have a small crochet blanket–(I was making a baby blanket; I like mine on the big side)–and I ran out of yarn. :aww: I can finish the last skein I have and will send that to you, also. I don’t know how big it will be–its 38" wide and 27" long right now and I have at least 3/4 of a skein to go. It’s white, green, pink, and lavender. I can also remember starting a knit blanket, but that will take some finding–I will look, tho. :knitting:

If you will PM me your address when you think about it, I will get these things together. :thumbsup:

:cheering: Wonderful!
Thank you SO much! :muah:

Hi…Not sure how current this post is (I don’t get around here as much as I would like)! anyway I too have a box of crochet squares (umm meant for a blanket but I never seamed it) and I would be glad to donate!!! I will watch for your reply :muah:

I have some crocheted squares and a baby blanket to donate, too. If this need is still pressing, please PM me with your address, and I’ll send you what I’ve got!

Is there a deadline?

Excellent! Thanks so much, Cheley. :hug:
I will send you a PM with my address. I would LOVE to use your crochet squares for a blanket for the children. :heart:

Wonderful, Antares! cloud9
I will send my address to you right away. My contact at the domestic violence center will be so happy!

Hi Jan! :waving:
No deadline. They always need blankets. The center is located just a few miles from my house, so I will gladly seam together blankets and deliver them. I will stop delivering blankets when they tell me they have enough. I could send extra blankets to other charities I knit for (Pine Ridge Reservation and Yurok Tribe).

Hi Shandeh, packaged on on their way…Take good care of my babies!!! Hope they work for you, they are from awhile ago when I first taught myself to crochet!!!:heart:

Sweet! I will be very careful with those precious squares.
Thank you so much, my friend. :hug:

Sent yesterday from PO…please post a pic when you are done…:muah:

Definitely! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to seeing your squares!

Your squares arrived yesterday! :slight_smile:
They are gorgeous! :thud:

Squares from Cheley by Shandeh, on Flickr

Aww Thank you! I look at them now and boy did I have “patience”!! I was “teaching” myself crochet, but then I got “HOOKED” (pun intended) on knitting!!! Have fun putting them together (that’s were my patience wore out)!!! I will keep checking back! cloud9

Here is the online article that Treehouse Children’s Advocacy posted about the two large blankets the Oddball Blankets knitters created for them.

Do you still need blankets and squares for the shelter? What are your size requirements? Thanks.I will get them in the mail today , or as soon as you let me know…:O)
Please let me know where to send them…Thanks

Thank you so much for the beautiful squares, Un4gettableTees! :hug:

Lots of Squares by Shandeh, on Flickr

I have some uhh…rectangles mostly that I knit a while back for some other project that I forgot about. I came across them when I was cleaning out my yarn/sewing closet. Do you want them? I probably can’t send them till after Christmas sometime.

Hi Jan!
I would love to use your rectangles for the blankets. I have some yellow rectangles here already. They might work together! Let me know if you need my address.

Can I send in the odd square? I’ll soon be helping a friend out with some in dk on 7mm needles, and there may be some extras then

I have some knitted squares and lap robes that I could send to you. The squares are dark colors - reds, blues, black. The lap robes are around 24" x 30" but vary in size/color. They are all acrylic yarn.

Let me know if you need these!