Images of our Holiday presents

I thought it would be fun to post images of our holiday presents. So take pictures of the things that you’ve made for others this year and post them. I wanna see what all you crazy kids are putting your heart and souls into, so that you can give a gift of love and hard work read: I just wanna show off my stuff.

I only did one thing this year. I didn’t bother to get started early enough in the season to really make more than this.

That is gorgeous!

I will definitely add a photo of a few things later, when light permits. I’m having a horrible time photographing this black beret I made and find that my phone(LG Xenon) only really captures black correctly at about 3pm right by my window on a cloudy day :frowning: .I tried messing with the setting,trust me…but I guess it [I]is[/I] just a phone camera.

If anyone has any tips for this [U]please[/U] let me know through PM or something.I could throw this thing at a wall right now.

lol I dont think theres enough space…

Lemme see…
Theres this sweaterI made for one nephew in a deep blue.

I knit this onefor the other nephew in a hunter red.

Heres a pic of the dress and matching purse I made for my neice

I made this in rose with white trim, this in a yellow varigatedand the dress in the book Knits, Knots, Buttons, and Bows in a pastel green color for my other neice

I made thesein a beautiful combination of browns and greens both heathered for my MIL. I put some silicone on the bottoms of them so she wont slip and slide.

I made these for my SIL’s. The kit makes two bags so I made one for each SIL. Pretty handy I thought.

I made this for my BIL just to be a smartallic.

And this for my daughter.

and the sock cap that this guyis wearing for her boyfriend.

And a pair of socks for my husband.

I knit thisfor my sons kindergarden teacher (with heavy mods)

Bottle socks for all the adults for stocking stuffers.
Fishy Twashis for all the kids for stocking stuffers.

And a mug rug for the principal. I just pulled that one right outta the air as far as the pattern goes.

I think thats it…:passedout:

Gorgeous you guys!

This year I didn’t knit a damn thing for a gift…lol…I’ve had to rely on that for the past few years due to financial strain but this year we were ok so I bought all my gifts for people…Was kinda nice, not having the pressure of HAVING to finish something before Christmas…lol…Last year almost all the gifts we gave people I knitted, even my kids got a couple things each…I made a scarf and hat for my son and a hat and amigurumi kitty for my daughter…

I made this hat for my mom, in red. (sorry I cant find my camera charger)

I’m still working on making a few more things, but here’s what I’ve made so far:

Star Afghan for my stepson

Cabled Pink Hat as an “emergency” gift, for anyone I might have forgotten. :teehee:

Pidge Podge” scarf for my sister-in-law.

Bulky Slipper Socks for my son.

Oooooh…I love this.

Wow, that’s a gorgeous shawl, trvvn5!

and the other projects are a joy to look at…Congratulations everyone!

I’m in a real slump this year, and didn’t knit anything as gifts…still working on an afghan, which is only 8 inches done. I was barely able to get out and buy a few gifts for my grandchildren, who I will see on the 27th.
Since hubby and I follow a Buddhist path, we leave the days of actual Christmas celebrations to the professed Christians. Tomorrow, we feed a monastery full of monks, with a bunch of friends. This will be the highlight of the season for us.

I hope to get back to knitting after the hullabaloo dies down.

Sandy, When in the world do you sleep??? I’m still drooling over that star throw/afghan!

Everyone’s gifts were gorgeous! Maybe next year, I’ll knit some gifts. I did make a “rag quilt” for my daughter for her 27th birthday. The sewing machine quit on me, so I didn’t finish it on time, but it’s almost finished now. Her birthday was Dec. 22. She loves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (all the rest of us are Saints fans…we’re from New Orleans), so the quilt has the Buccaneer emblems on it. Her boyfriend forbade me to finish it before the game Sunday, but it did no good, the Bucs won anyway. (My friend called to ask if she’d tied that unfinished quilt to a broomstick and run around the yard with it!!)

That is a beautiful shawl trvvn. I love the chevron lace pattern.

Melissa, is that sweater the one for your daughter you didn’t want to knit because it would look ugly on her? It’s beautiful; I bet she loves it. The cables came out looking so squishy.

I just started knitting so I didn’t inflict any gifts on anyone but my sister-in-law wants some washclothes so I’ve got to hunt for an easy washcloth pattern pretty soon. I’m still new enough that I still just want to knit for me right now.

Trv, that shall is to die for. Ugh, have to stop getting ideas from you guys. My list is already longer than I am tall, and I’m a tall drink of Texas water.

Shandeh, you do some beautiful work. Wow!

For Christmas I knitted:

Mittens for my 5 year old, she dyed the yarn herself on my yarn dying extravaganza day last summer. I bought her a skein of Paton’s wool in natural so that she would not want to paint on my sock yarn. She declared that she needed mittens out of her hand painted yarn and mittens she got. :slight_smile: They came in very handy in Flagstaff where we spent Christmas.

She also got a super stretchy ribbed hat made in her favorite color purple. I don’t have a good picture of this one yet.

Hat for my boyfriend. He picked out that yarn last summer when we visited Tempe yarn and Fiber and asked if I could make him something out of it. He LOVED the hat. I was so excited. (my mom is modeling it in the picture)

My dad, the avid fisherman, got a dead fish hat. :slight_smile: I wrote a cute poem giving the “background” story of a cocky but beautiful fish that boasted he would never get eaten. In the end, he does not get eaten by the fisherman but is turned into a hat instead. My dad was very excited about the hat, he wore it all week after opening it.

My sister got the Dolores Park Cowl. She had been asking me to knit her a cowl for weeks so I made her one for Christmas. She wears it two ways, on her neck and on her head, which she says does a very good job of keeping her ears warm.

My mom got a bulky cowl (Wham Bam Thank you Lamb pattern) in a nice earthy brown color that has little tweedy flecks throughout. It looks very rustic and is smooshy and very very warm. (my sister is modeling it in this pic)

Love the stripes on the gloves and the hats.

That cowl is so beautiful; its making me change my mind and want to knit a cowl instead of a hat. But darn I don’t need a scarf with this sweater.

Lovely things, all of them.

I went hat, scarf and mitten crazy this year. Don’t have pics to post but they are in my project on Ravelry.

I LOVE you shawl, what is that pattern???

Free pattern from lion brand. Its really easy too.

Lacy Stole

:muah: I actually have trouble sleeping, so I guess that’s why I knit so much. Two of the gifts were projects I was making for the Bernat Blog, so I killed 2 birds with 1 stone. :wink:

You’ll find LOTS of free washcloth patterns here:
Dishcloth Boutique

Thanks! cloud9

What a sweet story! That’s so cool. :slight_smile:

Everyone’s work is so fabulous! I made a few things, the best was a Santa hat for my boss’ new grandson. I have to admit it was really cute.
Then I made a couple pairs of fingerless gloves as quick projects and am working on a cowl that will end up being a New Year’s present. Didn’t take pictures of the gloves but will try to get one of the cowl.

Beautiful work everyone!! Love the shawl trvvn5! I’ve put it in my Ravelry faves. :slight_smile: And that Santa hat is just adorable!!! Love all the other ideas and links too. Great thread! I posted most of my Xmas FO’s in thisthread.