Image to Knitting Pattern Conversion

Does anyone have a resource (site or software) for using to convert an image (say a drawing) into a knitting pattern?

This site sometimes works, sometimes not well enough.

I’ve lately been printing pictures right onto knitter’s graph paper, or printing the graph paper onto a transparency and putting the grid right over the picture.

I had experimented with doing something in Photoshop Elements. I got held up at getting the horizontal to vertical proportions right though, since it was assuming square pixels. But as far as it went it was good–I didn’t have any trouble getting a grid with individual pixels black or white. (And there are functions that would handle other colors OK.) I ended up shelving the project anyway, but I may revisit it at some point. PicsToKnits is a website which allows a user to convert any image to a knitting pattern. The image is split into squares to knit with presets for cushions of various sizes, a cot blanket or a large throw / blanket. It even calculates how much wool of each colour will be required for the completed pattern.

upload image
crop as required
change colours
produce a knitting pattern

You have a list of the colours used in the image which you can change, maybe to match the wool that you have handy or create a new artistic feel.

This project easily lends itself to a collaborative effort, distributing the pattern for each square amongst your group.

It is built around the ideas of simplicity, innovation and collaboration.

Try it at

knitme is an android app which takes any image and converts into a fair isle knitting pattern . You can take a new picture using your smartphone camera or can use an image already stored in your phone.
Change the brightness, contrast of the picture/photo, choose the no. of colors in the chart or resize the chart to your liking (three sizes are supported - Big, Small & XL).

The app stores the collection of all your editable charts so you can get back to your work anytime you want and edit it.
It also featuers a powerful chart editor which allows you edit the generated charts. It allows you to add or delete rows & columns , choose individual cells in the pattern and alter them to your liking. It

You can save the knitting charts either as an image or a pdf file and share the same with your friends or upload them to the cloud.

This is a beta version of the app. Any feedback and feature enhancement suggestions are welcome.