I'm working on

some socks, a pattern from SKS and using 2 circs and I’m loving it!! :cheering:

Looking good! I like the yarn too.


They are looking real good and I also love the yarn. I signed up to take a class using this method. I could probably figure it out on my own, but hope to meet up with other local knitters in the process.

Those are going to be pretty!

Oooh, gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see them all knit up and warming up some feetses!!

I love the colors… Id love to be able to make socks, havent succeeded yet. :frowning:

That yarn is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

thank you…I’m on the heel section now and will post a pic of one finished sock when done!!

Looks similar to the Paton SWS yarn and the color is great

Its going to be sooo pretty!

Great job so far - great colors!


I am working on socks on circular needles also. I am doing two socks on two circular needles. I must say that it is driving me a little crazy because my yarn keeps getting tangled up all the time. I finally decided to put my balls of yarn into two sandwich zipper bags to see if that helps. I am sticking with it though.
Are you doing two at a time? If so how are you keeping your yarn from tangling?

they say its good to put the ballas of yarn in bags to stop it tangling. I haven’t mastered two socks on the circs yet, the idea seems to scare me quite a bit. I;ve just master the two cicr method so I;ll keep that going until I;m confident enough to master the two socks method.
Good luck and lets see some pics :happydance: